civics 2

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  1. opporitunity cost
    the next best choice of a product

    iphone- anord
  2. entitlements
    • 1. food stamps
    • 2. MEDICARE
    • 3.MEDICADE
    • 4. unemployment insurance
    • 5. social security
  3. plessy v ferguson
    he was found quilty and the "seperate but equal" really came into play
  4. brow v board
    unseperated all schools lead to many mobs and said life was seperate but NOT equal
  5. affirmative action
    gov. policy that cgives back to minorities(wemon and black) example... giving extra point on ACT to a homeless student
  6. what would fedral reserve do to end a recession
    lower intrest rates, lower requirments and sell bonds back
  7. executive order
    directions given that effect the law
  8. title IX pupose and how it can relate to delano
    give women the rights of the same sport as of men... boys lacrosse
  9. smart growth
    policys influenced by smart growth
    • expandes out community without spending
    • transportation housing and energy(sprawl)
  10. why reform socisal security
    becuase of baby boom is here and more money is going out than in
  11. public policy issues
    healthcare environment transportation crime buisness and employment.the state sdresses each one with concern and empathy
  12. branch of government responsible for funds
  13. how would congress respond if the GDP was low and unemployent was high
    sell bonds and creat jobs
  14. purpose of Red cross
    serve as a nutral in time of war, help the victums and also handle ethnic problems
  15. world bank
    gives out loans to other contries in need
  16. NAFTA
    reduces tariffs and all trade barriers in north america
  17. which goal is present when the president increases checks at the boarders
  18. providing froeign aid helps meet us foreign policy by
    protecting humanrights and working towards world peace and add democratic nations
  19. us gov may use to deal with high levels of poverty in minority pop.
    may have programs or government help come and may fund for jobs and houseing
  20. the north had problems wiht a drought what interest may they use?
    environmental intrest
  21. opportunity cost and example
    next best option to your first if you want a iphone you could get a android
  22. define workfair
    requirments that programs give to have more money added to the program.
  23. what gov program would help a 10 yearold with no insurance
  24. most effective way to obtain gov funding for a community center
    go to the bank and have them contact federal reserve for funding
  25. main purpose of affirmative action legislation
    try and make it fair and equal for the minorities that were not equal once
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