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  1. Chilaquiles (GF)
    House made corn chips with scrambled eggs, pulled chicken,onions, cilantro, chipotle, black beans and cheddar, topped with tomato salsa and sour cream. 11.95
  2. Steak and Eggs (GF)
    Grilled Niman Ranch beef tenderloin with gorgonzola cheese,caramelized onions, red potatoes, topped with two sunny up eggs and hollandaise
  3. Old World
    Eggs scrambled with sautéed onions, fresh mushrooms, chives and mozzarella, served with potatoes and toast
  4. Steak Hash (GF)
    Niman ranch beef tenderloin, grilled, chopped and sautéed with organic baby spinach, caramelized onions, gorgonzola, mushrooms, red potatoes, topped with two softly poached eggs and drizzled with herb-chive hollandaise
  5. Eggs Bohemia
    Two over easy eggs baked with black forest ham, smoked bacon and chives, served with crispy red potatoes and toast
  6. Morning Hash
    Eggs tossed with black forest ham, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach,onions, red potatoes and mozzarella, served with toast
  7. Roma Via Paris
    Three farm fresh eggs scrambled with spinach, zucchini,sun-dried tomatoes, chopped tomatoes, red bell peppers, fresh basil, Montchevre goat cheese and mozzarella, served with potatoes and toast
  8. Loxex
    Three farm fresh eggs scrambled with smoked salmon, chives,onions, tomatoes and brie cheese, topped with sour cream, served with toast and potatoes
  9. Simply Eggs
    • Three eggs fried, scrambled or poached, accompanied by crispy red potatoes and toast
    • Add chicken apple sausage or bacon 1.95
  10. Burgundy Omelette
    Three egg omelette, spinach, mushrooms, Montchevre goat cheese,sun-dried tomatoes & chives, w/ crispy red potatoes & toast
  11. Rancheros (GF)
    Two fried eggs, red bell peppers, chipotle, cilantro & black beans,topped with cheddar, tomato salsa, avocado and sour cream all on top of a crispy corn tortilla, served with potatoes
  12. Toast Choices
    Sour dough, wheat, rye
  13. Kamil's Breakfast
    Pan-roasted macaroni scrambled with eggs, smoked bacon, ham, garlic, chives, and cheddar
  14. California Omelette
    Three egg omelette, crispy smoked bacon, fresh tomato, avocado,sour cream & cheddar cheese, served with potatoes & toast
  15. Eggwich
    Over easy eggs, strips of crispy smoked bacon, fresh avocado,sliced tomatoes, arugula, pesto aioli on ciabatta, with crispy red potatoes
  16. Blue Jam Benedict
    Poached eggs on a toasted English muffin with Black Forest Ham,crispy bacon, topped with hollandaise, served with potatoes
  17. Florentine Benedict
    Poached eggs on a toasted English muffin with sautéed freshspinach, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, and brie cheese, topped with hollandaise, served with potatoes
  18. Norwegian Benedict
    Toasted English muffin, smoked salmon, poached eggs, sautéedspinach, tomato and dill hollandaise, served with potatoes
  19. Breakfast Trio
    Two eggs any style, two classic pancakes or French toast with smoked bacon or chicken apple sausage
  20. Migas (GF)
    Spicy combination of eggs scrambled with jalapeños, chipotle, beef chorizo sausage, red bell peppers, tortilla chips and mozzarella, topped with homemade tomato salsa, served with corn tortillas and potatoes
  21. Wrap on Fire
    Fresh eggs scrambled w/ spicy chipotle peppers, black beans,cilantro, tomato, red bell peppers & cheddar rolled up in a large grilled flour tortilla, served with sour cream and crispy red potatoes
  22. Breakfast Quesadilla
    Grilled chopped chicken breast scrambled with eggs, tomatoes,spinach and cheddar in grilled flour tortilla, topped with avocado,homemade salsa and sour cream, served with potatoes
  23. Brunch Carbonnara (GF)
    Risotto with crispy smoked bacon, green peas, parsley and parmesan, topped with two poached eggs and herb pistou
  24. Designer Special
    Design your own omelette or scramble with up to four items with toast and potatoes. 12.95Chicken-Apple Sausage, Smoked Bacon, Black Forest Ham, Chopped Chicken Breast, Salsa Fresca, Spinach, Black Beans,Avocado, Tomato, Red Bell Peppers, Zucchini, Olives, Mushrooms, Onions, Basil, Chives, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Cilantro, Mozzarella, Cheddar, Goat Cheese, Gorgonzola, Sour Cream--- Sub Eggs for TOFU or Egg Whites for 1.50
  25. Spicy Tex Mex Tofu Hash (V) (GF)
    Organic Tofu scrambled with black beans, onion, chipotle, cilantro, potatoes, tomatoes, salsa fresca, and avocado, served with corn tortillas
  26. Smoked Salmon Platter
    Smoked salmon, red onions, capers, cream cheese, lemon, sliced tomatoes, cucumbers & plain or onion bagel
  27. Power House (GF)
    Six egg whites scrambled with spinach, topped with flame-broiled chicken breast and sautéed tomatoes and basil
  28. Muscle Beach
    Six egg whites scrambled with fresh thyme, ground turkey, onions, spinach and chopped tomatoes, served with a cup of low fat cottage cheese and toast
  29. Olympus
    Six egg whites scrambled with chopped flame-broiled chicken breast, spinach, zucchini and fresh tomato-basil sauce, served with mixed greens and toast
  30. House Made Vegan Organic Granola (V)
    Oven baked organic oats, steel cut oats, bran oats, shaved coconut,shaved almonds, raisins, dried cranberries, flax seeds and maplesyrup. Served with your choice of milk, soy milk, almond milk or lowfat vanilla yogurt on the side
  31. Vegan Organic Steel Cut Oatmeal (V)
    Cooked to order in filtered water, topped with fresh berries, bananasand black currants, served with brown sugar on the side
  32. Large Fresh Fruit Bowl (VP) (GF)
    • Served with low fat vanilla yogurt.
    • Add granola 1.50
  33. Crunchy French Toast (Signature Dish)
    Egg brioche dipped in batter, rolled in crunchy corn flakes andgrilled to perfection, topped with fresh bananas and berries, servedwith vanilla bean sauce
  34. Vanilla French Toast
    with blackberry jam, vanilla yogurt, fresh berries & bananas
  35. French Toast
    with fresh berries and bananas
  36. Blueberry Pancakes
    with fresh blueberries & powdered sugar
  37. Three Pancakes
    with powdered sugar
  38. Soups
    • Homemade Vegan Split Pea Soup (V) with Herb Croutons
    • Kamil's famish Goulash Soup
    • Soup of the Day
  39. Combos
    • with Goulash soup add 1.50
    • Cup of soup and Half Gourmet Sandwich
    • Cup of soup and Half salad(except Steak Bistro Salad)
  40. B.L.T.A
    Strips of smoked crispy bacon, arugula, tomato, avocado, pesto aioli on toasted ciabatta
  41. Veggiewich (VP)
    Fresh tomato, arugula, basil, avocado, roasted red bell peppers,beets, vegan herb pistou, and provolone on whole wheat
  42. European
    Shaved black forest ham, melted brie, caremelized onions,sliced tomato, dijon mustard, & mayo on toasted ciabatta
  43. L.A. Club
    Sliced turkey breast, black forest ham, crispy bacon, avocado,tomato, cucumber, mayo and provolone on toasted ciabatta
  44. Capresse
    Fresh ovaline mozzarella with sliced tomato, fresh basil, arugula, and balsamic vinaigrette on toasted ciabatta
  45. Turkey Pesto Panini
    Oven-roasted turkey breast, tomatoes, house made pesto and provolone cheese, on pressed focaccia bread
  46. Uptown
    Oven-roasted turkey breast, sliced tomato, cucumber, mayo, Dijon mustard, avocado and provolone cheese on toasted ciabatta
  47. BBQ Chicken
    Grilled free range breast of chicken, smoked bacon, caramelized onion, melted provolone, mayo, tomato and BBQ sauce on toasted ciabatta
  48. Garden Panini (VP)
    Baby spinach, sautéed mushrooms, mozzarella, sun-dried tomatoes, caramelized onions, fire-roasted red bell pepper,Montchevre goat cheese and house made pesto, on pressed focaccia bread
  49. Grilled Cheese
    • Grilled sandwich with melted mozzarella, Montchevre goat cheese,cheddar and sliced tomatoes on sourdough bread
    • Add ham or bacon 1.95
    • Add Jalepeno $.50
  50. Classic Cheese Burger
    Grilled Wagyu ground beef with wild arugula, fresh tomato,caramelized onions and cheddar with mayo on the side
  51. Gourmet Burger
    Grilled Wagyu ground beef with pesto aioli, sautéed mushrooms,crispy bacon, gorgonzola, caramelized onions, wild arugula
  52. Turkey Burger
    Lean free range ground turkey, wild arugula, fresh tomato,caramelized onions and pesto aioli
  53. Brunch Burger
    Grilled Wagyu ground beef with crispy bacon, chipotle aioli, wild arugula, fresh tomato, cheddar & one over easy egg
  54. Vegan Burger (V)
    House made grilled tofu based vegan patty with wild arugula,vegan herb pistou, and sliced tomato on a vegan ciabatta
  55. To all Burgers
    All served on brioche burger bun (except the vegan burger) with choice of organic mixed greens, crispy red potatoes or fresh fruit

    Add crispy smoked bacon 1.95 Add jalapeño .50 Add avocado 1.95 Add any cheese 1
  56. Beets and Greens (VP) (GF)
    Arugula, fresh beets, goat cheese, black currants, candied walnuts, and citrus vinaigrette
  57. Blue Jam Cobb (GF)
    Marinated chopped grilled chicken breast, crispy smoked bacon, chives, chopped tomato, avocado, gorgonzola, and ranch dressing on a bed of arugula
  58. Sonoma (VP) (GF)
    Organic mixed greens, candied walnuts, sliced granny smith apples and seedless grapes with gorgonzola cheese and balsamic vinaigrette
  59. Steak Bistro Salad (GF)
    Sliced Niman Ranch beef tenderloin, sun-dried tomatoes, roasted red bell peppers, gorgonzola cheese, and arugula with balsamic dijon mustard vinaigrette
  60. Warm Mushroom Salad (VP) (GF)
    Sautéed fresh mushrooms, organic mixed greens, chopped tomatoes, goat cheese, chives and balsamic vinaigrette dressing
  61. Tuscany Salad (VP) (GF)
    Arugula with fresh ovaline mozzarella, roasted red bell peppers,tomatoes, basil, and balsamic vinaigrette dressing
  62. TO all Salads
    • add sliced grilled to order chicken breast 3.95
    • Add grilled salmon 7.95

    Add chopped grilled natural beef tenderloin 8.95
  63. Herb Chicken (GF)
    Grilled breast of free range chicken with mashed potatoes, sun dried tomato-herb sauce and pan roasted green beans
  64. Chicken “Tingas” Tacos (GF)
    Chicken braised in San Marzano tomatoes, onions, cilantro andchipotle, served on three soft corn tortillas with mozzarella cheeseand side of spicy black beans
  65. Chicken Schnitzel
    Free range chicken breast, breaded and pan fried, served withmashed potatoes, lemon and pan roasted green beans
  66. Kamil's Lunch
    Our famous Czech goulash served with macaroni and chives
  67. Sauteed Salmon (GF)
    Grilled salmon served with green beans, mashed potatoesand lemon-caper sauce
  68. Argentinean Brunch Steak (GF)
    Grilled paillard of Niman ranch steak, served on a bed of grilled herb potatoes and roasted green beans, topped with twosunny up eggs and house made chimichuri
  69. Salmon and Spinach (GF)
    Grilled fresh salmon served with sautéed spinach, zucchini, green peas and sauce of San Marzano tomatoes, black olives, capers and basil
  70. Coffee Drinks
    • Organic Coffee 2.95
    • French Press Single Origin Coffee 4.95
    • Ask for today’s selection
    • Organic Latte or Cappuccino 4.50
    • Vanilla or Mocha Latte w/ whipped cream 4.95(Hot or ice blended)
    • Americano double espresso w/ water 3.50
    • Machiatto double espresso w/ foam 2.95
    • Wake Up Call double espresso and coffee 3.95
    • Organic Espresso2.95

    All espresso drinks are doublesTo exchange milk for soy or almond milk add .75
  71. Tea Drinks
    • Organic Iced Tea
    • Palmer
    • Organic Loose Teas(art of tea company)
  72. Tisane/Fusions
    • LEMON MERINGUE/CAFFEINE FREE Guilt-free Delight One cannot resist the tart, lemony goodness of lemon meringue. We’ve cap-tured this popular desserty favorite with mix of green rooibos, orange peel,rose petals, cornflower, and natural flavors
    • ORGANIC CHAMOMILE/CAFFEINE FREE Meditation & reflection The sweet calming taste of organic Egyptian chamomile helps to ease the mind and soothe the soul.
    • ORGANIC MINT/CAFFEINE FREE Digestive Fuel & Soothing Farm Direct Organic Mint fusion.
    • CHOCOLATE MONKEY Rich Creamy & WildOhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my!!!Chocolate, banana, rooibos and pink peppercorn blended together with apple bits to create an incredible dessert tea. Great hot or iced.
  73. White
    • WHITE COCONUT CREME Dreamy Tropical InfusionThis tea is a popular favorite among many! Delivers a sweet andsoothing balance of coconut and is great hot or iced.
    • WHITE PEACH Luscious & Succulent White Peach offers an organic white tea blended with peach and apricotessence infused with osmanthus flowers. Delicate, aromatic and fruity withhints of apricot guava & persimmon
  74. Green
    • WHITE TIP JASMINE Calming & Centering Hand picked organic green tea leaves and buds scented 9-12 times with fresh jasmine blossoms.
    • ORGANIC GUNPOWDER Smoky & Fresh Cut Greens Fresh green tea leaves rolled into small spheres resembling gunpowder, producing a grassy infusion with a slightly smoky flavo
  75. Organic Juice Bar
    • Freshly Squeezed Juice small 3.95 large 4.95 create your own combo:
    • Orange, Grapefruit, Apple, Carrot, Cucumber, Celery, Beet, Ginger Kamil’s favorite combo: carrot, beet, celery & ginger
  76. Oolong
    PLUM OOLONG Sweet Spicy and Autumnal Fruits Succulent schizandra berries & sweet amber oolong leaves blended with thetender essence of plum. Steeped multiple times, the gentle, sweet taste andpleasant characters of this sublime organic fusion perfectly grace any meal
  77. Black
    • ORGANIC BREAKFAST Rise & Shine This is our traditional blend of organic black tea. It provides a robust flavor perfect for starting the day. A collection of black teas delivering a smooth malty brew with a clean finish.
    • ORGANIC EARL GREY CREAM Silky, Brisk & Clean Our blend of hand picked organic black teas, from select gardens in China and India. The full bodied leaves are then blended with oil of bergamot, offering a light citrus aroma
  78. Beverages
    • Spiced Chai Tea Latte 4.50
    • Hot or Ice Blended Hot Chocolatew/ whipped cream 3.50
    • Fresh Squeezed Lemonade 2.95
    • Coke, Diet Coke(can)2.95
    • Pelegrino(sparkling)small 3.00large 6.00
    • Panna(flat)small 3.00 large 6.
  79. Designer/Owner
    David Fris
  80. Executive Chef/ Owner
    Kamil Majer
  81. All Teas
    Art of Tea Company
  82. How can you make a dish vegan?
    Leave the cheese out and substituting tofu for eggs on Breakfast items.
  83. Six Farms Used
    • Jacobs Farm
    • Rodoni Farm
    • Riverdog Farm
    • Terra Firma Farm
    • Niman Ranch
  84. All Breakfast Items
    Come with potatoes. Can be substituted for mixed greens or fresh fruit.
  85. term - sunny up eggs
    friend on one side. unturned with yolk still runny
  86. Vegan definition
    a person who does not eat or use any animal products
  87. Hollandaise
    eggs and butter with lemon juice
  88. ciabatta bread
    A type of flattish, open-textured Italian bread with a floury crust, made with olive oil.
  89. poached egg
    cooked within its shell in boiling water
  90. Brie Cheese
    soft cow milk cheese
  91. Pistou
    cold sauce made from cloves of garlic, fresh basil, and olive oil
  92. Hash
    A dish of cooked meat cut into small pieces and recooked, usually with potatoes
  93. focaccia bread
    flat oven-baked Italian bread, which may be topped with herbs or other ingredients
  94. pesto aioli
    • basil
    • garlic
    • lemon juice
    • egg yolk
  95. Goulash
    is a soup or stew of meat, noodles and vegetables (especially potato), seasoned with paprika and other spices
  96. chimichuri
    chopped parsley, minced garlic, olive oil, oregano, and white or red wine vinegar
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