World History

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  1. What impact did World War I have on Europe's colonial empires?
    The war drew in laborers and soldiers from the colonies.
  2. When did World War I start and end?
  3. What were Japan's motivations for going to war with Western powers in the years before the opening of World War II?
    • International agreements that had granted Japan a less robust naval force than Britain or the United States.
    • Japan's reliance on the United States for strategic goods, which left Japan vulnerable to embargos.
    • Anti-Japanese immigration policies in the United States, which convinced some Japanese that Western racism would prevent the recognition of Japan as an equal power.
  4. What is a false reason that caused Japan to go to war with Western powers before WWII?
    Western powers to force Japan to relinquish German spheres of influence in China that Japan had secured during World War I.
  5. The government of what nation was least successful in engineering a recovery from the Great Depression?
    The United States.
  6. Which of the following was a feature of fascism in Germany more than in Italy?
    Single party dictatorship.
  7. What was a reason for the popularity of the Nazi Party once it seized power in the 1930s?
    The Nazi regime's success at bringing Germany out of the Great Depression.
  8. What was the impact of the outcome of WWII on communism?
    It gave communism legitimacy in the Soviet Union and control over half of Europe and much of Asia.
  9. What is a brief summary of the Marshall Plan?
    A program of financial aid sponsored by the US.
  10. What happened to the European economies after the US launched the Marshall plan in 1948.
    Europe had a massive economic growth.
  11. Under what conditions did Adolf Hitler write Mein Kampf?
    In prison after failing to overthrow the government.
  12. How does Adolf Hitler explain German aggression towards the Jews?
    It is the natural way of things, the way a cat acts towards a mouse
  13. According to Adolf Hitler, why are the Aryans a superior race?
    • They are the organizers and creators of the greatest civilizations on Earth.
    • They have a greater ability for self-sacrifice for the common good.
    • They are intellectually superior.
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