Life Questions answered by Scriptures

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  1. My spouse and I can't agree on how to manage our finances.
    • Jacob 2:18 before you seek riches, seek the kingdom of God.
    • Mosiah 7:33 turn to the Lord and he will deliver you from bondage.
  2. I can't find time to attend the temple regularly.
    • D&C 110:6-7 The Lord manifests himself in the temple.
    • 3 Nephi 13:33 Seek first the kingdom of God and all these things shall be added unto you.
  3. My calling is too demanding.
    • Matthew 16:25 whosoever lose his life for my sake.
    • 3 Nephi 5:13 I am a disciple of Jesus Christ
  4. I don't understand...If baptism washes us of our sins, why was Jesus baptized (he had no sins)?
    • 2 Nephi 31:6-10 Jesus was baptized to fulfill all righteousness.
    • Matthew 3:13-15 Jesus baptized of John to fulfil all righteousness.
  5. How can sex outside of marriage be bad when it feels good?
    • Alma 41:10 Wickedness never was happiness.
    • Mosiah 3:19 Natural man is an enemy to God.
  6. Why do bad things happen to good people?
    • Mosiah 4:9 man doth not comprehend all that God does.
    • Moroni 9:25-26 My son, be faithful, don't be grieved but may Christ lift thee up to a hope of eternal life. (the depravity and awful state of the Nephites and Lamanites are described in verse 8-19)
  7. I don't want to share my stuff!
    • D&C 68:31 The Lord is not please.  Eyes are full of greed.
    • Mosiah 4:26 Impart of your substance to the poor.
  8. The world is so crazy, how can I ever find peace?
    • John 16:33 In the world you will have tribulation but I have overcome the world.
    • John 14:27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you.
  9. I feel discouraged with my job.  I'm unhappy all the time.
    • 1 Nephi 17:13 I will be your light in the wilderness.
    • John 16:33 In the world you will have tribulation but I have overcome the world.
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Many of the questions that arise from members of the church can be answered directly from the scriptures (LDS)
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