MIC 541-Exam 5-Virology 10

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  1. What are complications of the Vaccinia virus?
    • Progressive Vaccinia
    • Eczema Vaccinia
    • Generalized Vaccinia
    • Postvaccinial encephalitis
  2. What group can develop progressive Vaccinia?
  3. What is general Vaccinia?
    Up to the whole body is covered in lesions
  4. How is postvaccinial encephalitis predicted?
  5. What are the main characteristics of Herpesviruses?
    • Persistent
    • Latent
    • DNA forms episome
  6. Herpesvirus clinical complications of latency and recurrent infections become more severe with what factor?
    • Advancing age
    • Chemotherapy
    • Immunocomprimised
  7. What type of DNA viruses are common serious opportunists among AIDS patients?
    Herpes viruses
  8. Where do Herpesviruses replicate?
    In the nucleus
  9. What are the structural features of the herpes virus from outer to inner?
    • Glycoprotein spikes
    • Envelope
    • Tegument
    • Capsid
    • DNA core
  10. What is the tegument?
    Proteins that line the space between the viral envelope and the capsid
  11. What are the proteins between the envelope and capsid called?
  12. What are the 8 herpes viruses that infect humans?
    • HSV-1
    • HSV-2
    • VZV
    • CMV (cytomegalovirus)
    • EBV
    • HHV-6 (herpevirus 6)
    • HHV-7
    • HHV-8
  13. What does HHV-6 cause?
  14. What are common HSV-1 lesions?
    • Oropharynx lesions
    • Cold sores
    • Fever blisters
  15. What type of HSV causes oropharynx lesions, cold sores and fever blisters?
  16. What type of HSV causes genital lesions and some oral lesions?
  17. What are the common lesions of HSV-2?
    Genital and Oral
  18. When does inoculation of HSV-1 occur?
    Early childhood
  19. When does inoculation with HSV-2 usually occur?
  20. Can HSV-2 be spread without visible lesions?
  21. What is the route of transmission of HSV-2?
    Sexual or intimate contact
  22. What is the route of transmission for HSV-1?
    • Close contact
    • Usually facial contact
  23. What area does HSV-1 lay dormant in?
    The trigeminal ganglia
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