MIC 541-Exam 5-Virology 11

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  1. What area does HSV-2 lay dormant in?
    Sacral Ganglia
  2. What HSV strain lays dormant in the sacral ganglia?
  3. What HSV strain lays dormant in the trigeminal ganglia?
  4. What is HSV-1 an etiological agent for?
    • Herpes labialis
    • Ocular herpes
    • Gingiovovtomatitis
    • Pharyngitis
  5. What is HSV-2 and etiological agent for?
    Herpes genitalis
  6. What is the most significant transmission route for Herpes viruses?
    Direct contact with active lesions
  7. Where does HSV multiply at?
    Sensory neurons
  8. After HSV multiplies in sensory neurons what happens?
    moves to appropriate ganglia
  9. How does HSV-1 enter the Ganglia?
    Through the 5th cranial nerve
  10. How does HSV-2 enter the ganglia?
    Lumbosacral spinal nerve trunk ganglia
  11. What are triggers for recurrent HSV infection?
    • Fever
    • UV radiation
    • Stress
    • Mechanical injury
  12. How does recurrent viral infection occur?
    Newly formed viruses migrate to the body surface producing local effects
  13. The trigeminal nerve has three branches as it nears the face, what are they?
    • Maxillary branch
    • Mandibular branch
    • Ophthalmic branch
  14. The Maxillary, Mandibular and Ophthalmic nerves converge on a single ganglia called what?
    The Trigeminal ganglia
  15. What is the most common recurrent HSV infection?
    Herpes labialis
  16. What are the lesions of Herpes labialis?
    • Fever blisters
    • Cold sores
  17. How long does it take for Herpes labialis infections to resolve?
    • 2-3 days they crust over
    • 14 days they are healed
  18. Where do herpes labialis lesions occur?
    At the mucocutaneous junction of the lips or adjacent skin
  19. What HSV causes infection of the oropharynx in young children?
    Herpes gingivostomatitis
  20. What does Herpes gingivostomatitis cause?
    Infection of the oropharynx in young children
  21. What are symptoms of Herpes gingivostomatitis?
    • Fever
    • Sore throat
    • Swollen lymph nodes
  22. What is Herpetic keratitis?
    Ocular herpes
  23. What causes ocular herpes?
    Herpetic keratitis
  24. What are the symptoms of herpetic keratitis?
    • Conjunctivitis
    • Gritty feeling in the eye
    • inflammation of the eye
    • sharp eye pain
    • Light sensitivity
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