MIC 541-Exam 5-Virology 15

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  1. What virus can lead to Burkitt lymphoma and Nasopharyngeal carcinoma?
  2. What is Burkitt lymphoma?
    • B cell malignancy
    • Usually develops in the jaw
  3. What group is most susceptible to EBV induced Burkitt lymphoma?
    4-8 year old Central African children
  4. Other than EBV, Burkitt lymphoma is associated with what disease?
    Recurrent Malaria infections
  5. How does Burkitt lymphoma present?
    As a swelling in the cheek
  6. What is nasopharyngeal carcinoma?
    Malignancy of epithelial cells
  7. What group is most likely to get EBV induced nasopharyngeal carcinoma?
    Chinese and African men
  8. How is EBV diagnosed?
    • Serological assays detect antibodies and antigen
    • Also find:
    • Lymphocytosis
    • Neutopenia
    • Large atypical lymphocytes
  9. What is the treatment for normal infections of EBV?
    Usually symptom relief for fever and sore throat
  10. What type of treatment is recommended for Disseminated EBV?
    • IV gamma globulin
    • interferon
    • acyclovir
    • monoclonal antibodies
  11. What was the original name for HHV-6
    B-lymphotropic virus
  12. What is the route of transmission for HHV-6?
    Saliva or secretion contact
  13. What disease does HHV-6 cause?
  14. What is Roseola?
    • HHV-6 disease
    • Acute febrile disease in babies 2-12 months
  15. Describe the symptoms of HHV-6:
    • Fever
    • Faint macropapular rash
  16. How is Roseola treated?
  17. What group is Roseola foundin?
    Babies 2-12 months
  18. What infection can adults get from HHV-1?
    • Mono-like symptoms
    • Lymphandenopathy
    • hepatitis
  19. What Herpes virus has a high seroprevalence?
  20. What virus is found in 70% of MS patients?
  21. What percent of MS patients are found to have HHV-6 infections?
  22. What serious diseases is HHV-6 connected to?
    • Hodgkin's lymphoma
    • oral carcinoma
    • T-cell leukemias
    • MS
  23. What virus is associated with T-cell Leukemias, MS, Hodgkin's lymphoma and oral cancer?
  24. Describe HHV-7 characteristics?
    Very similar to HHV-6 in diseases caused
  25. What disease is associated with HHV-8?
    • Karposi sarcoma
    • Multiple myeloma
  26. What Herpes virus is implicated in Karposi's sarcoma and Multiple myeloma?
  27. What is a common AIDS tumor that is linked to HHV-8?
    Karposi's sarcoma
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