MIC 541-Exam 5-Virology 18

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  1. What percent of pediatric respiratory infections are due to Adenovirus?
  2. What percent of pediatric gastroenteritis is caused by Adenovirus?
  3. How is adenovirus spread?
    • respiratory and ocular secretions
    • Fecal-oral route
  4. What are severe cases of Adenovirus treated with?
  5. What type of vaccine is available for adenoviruses?
    Inactivated polyvalent vaccine
  6. What are the elongated structures that stick off the side of the adenovirus?
  7. How does Adenovirus enter the host cell?
  8. Where does adenovirus replicate in the host cell?
    in the Nucleus
  9. Where is the Adenovirus assembled in the host cell?
    In the nucleus
  10. Describe the general features of Papilloma and Polyoma viruses?
    • Small non-encapsulated double stranded DNA
    • Short circular DNA
    • Causes persistent infections and tumors
  11. What do Papilloma viruses cause?
    squamous epithelial growth = warts = verruca
  12. How many different strains of HPV cause Papillomas?
  13. What is HPV?
    Human Papilloma virus
  14. What is a common seed wart?
    • painless elevated rough growth
    • Usually on fingers
  15. What are Plantar warts?
    Deep painful wart on the bottom of feet
  16. What are genital warts?
    morphology ranges from tiny flat bumps to extensive branching cauliflower like masses
  17. What is the most common STD in the US?
    Genital warts/caused by HPV
  18. How is HPV transmissible?
    • Direct contact
    • Fomites
  19. What is the incubation period for HPV?
    2 weeks to more than a year
  20. What does HPV replication depend on?
    The stage of epithelial cell differentiation
  21. What does the stage of epithelial cell differentiation effect in HPV?
    HPV replication
  22. What are the genital warts caused by HPV called?
    Condyloma acuminata
  23. What are the histological indicators of HPV on a pap smear slide?
  24. What is a Koliocyte?
    An indicative cell for HPV found on a pap smear
  25. How many HPV types increase the risk for developing reproductive cancer?
  26. How many HPV viruses account for 70% of metastatic tumors
  27. How can warts be romoved?
    • Most regress on their own
    • Chemical removal: podophyllin
    • Physical removal: cauterization, freezing and laser surgery
  28. What is podophyllin used to treat?
    Chemical removal of warts
  29. Do warts reoccur?
  30. How many vaccines are available for HPV?
  31. How many polyomaviruses are known to exist?
  32. What are important human polyomaviruses?
    • JC virus
    • BK virus
    • Merkel cell polyomavirus
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