MIC 541-Exam 5-Virology 19

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  1. What is the prevalence of Polyomaviruses?
    Highly seroprevalent throughout the world
  2. What are the most common syptoms fo r Polyomaviruses?
    Asymptomatic or very mild symptoms
  3. What group are Polyomaviruses associated with?
    • Immunocomprimied:
    • Elderly and AIDS
    • Transplant recipients
  4. What type of virus has been newly discovered in Raccoons at UC Davis?
  5. What is the seroprevalence of JC virus?
  6. What does JC virus cause?
    Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy (PML)
  7. Describe multifocal leukoencephalopathy:
    • Caused by JC virus
    • Uncommon
    • Fatal
    • Associated with AIDS patients/monoclonal antibody recipients
  8. What is BK virus?
    • Polymoavirus
    • Infection in reneal transplants causing urinary dysfunction
  9. What is the seroprevalance of BKV?
  10. What is Merkel cell polyomavirus?
    • Rare skin tumor found in elderly and immunosupressed
    • found in 80% of tumors
    • Notably, viral DNA is integrated
  11. Describe the general characteristics of the Prvovirus:
    • non-enveloped
    • Single stranded DNA
    • Small diameter and genome
  12. What does Parvovirus cause?
    • Distemper in cats
    • Enteric disease in dogs
    • fatal cardiac infection in puppies
    • erythema infectiosum rash in childhood
  13. Parvovirus B19 causes what?
    • erythema infectiosum (fifth diease)
    • Childhood rash
  14. What are the symptoms of erythema infectiosum?
    • Children may have a fever and rash on cheeks
    • Sevee fatal anemia may result if fetus acquired it from its mother
  15. What is Hydrops fetalis?
    Severe fatal anemia of fetus acquired from mother
  16. What is the occurance of Hydrops fetalis?
  17. What is the treatment of Hydrops fetalis?
    None available
  18. What disease causes "slapped face" appearance in children?
    Erythema infectiosum caused by B19 parvovirus
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