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  1. What is an outcome of Viral encephalitis?
    • Permanent brain damage may occur
    • May be fatal
  2. What is the most common tick borne fever in the U.S.?
    Colorado tick fever
  3. What Arbovirus disease is extremely dangerous to infants and small children?
    Western equine encephalitis
  4. Where is Western equine encephalitis found geographically?
    Western U.S. and Canada
  5. What are the two strains of California encephalitis?
    • California strain
    • LaCrosse strain
  6. Which strain of California encephalitis causes viral encephalitis?
  7. Where is the LaCrosse strain of California encephalitis found geographically?
    Eastern U.S. and Canada
  8. Where is the California strain of California encephalitis found?
    Western states
  9. What is the impact of the California strain of California encephalitis?
    Very little illness or impact
  10. What is the most common Arbovirus in the U.S.?
    St. Louis Encephalitis
  11. Where is St. Louis encephalitis found within the U.S.?
    • Midwest
    • Southern states
  12. What type of infections are common with St. Louis encephalitis?
    Unapparent infections are very common
  13. What are the six major Arboviruses of North America?
    • Colorado tick fever
    • Western Equine encephalitis
    • Eastern Equine encephalitis
    • California Encephalitis
    • St. Louis encephalitis
    • West Nile Virus
  14. What is the prevalence of Yellow fever in the U.S.
  15. What are the two patterns of transmission for Yellow fever?
    • Urban cycle
    • Sylvan cycle
  16. Describe the Sylvan Cycle of transmission for Yellow fever:
    Forest monkeys and mosquitoes in South America transmit yellow fever
  17. Describe the Urban cycle for transmission of yellow fever:
    Humans and mosquitoes transmit (Aedes aegpti)
  18. What does Aedes aegypti transmit?
    Yellow fever
  19. What are the symptoms of Yellow fever?
    • Fever
    • Headache
    • nosebleed
    • vomiting
    • jaundice
    • liver and kidney damage
  20. What is the mortality rate for Yellow fever?
  21. What is the vector for Dengue fever?
    Aedes aegypti mosquito
  22. What type of fevers are caused by Yellow fever and Dengue fever?
    Hemorrhagic fevers
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