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  1. TRUE or FALSE?

    Knowledge of the job and common sense are not the same.
  2. __________ stress from police work is manifested individually and each cop reflects individual differences.
  3. TRUE or FALSE?

    If you decide to share a personal story about your career, please do not give away the farm....Be Cautious.
  4. Improper expressions or loss of communication leads an officer to ___________.

    (You saw in the movie "Patch Adams" the fear of apathy or indifference that he fought so hard to show compassion)
  5. TRUE or FALSE?

    Performance and productivity are the same thing in management?

    Performance and Productivity are NOT the same thing in management.
  6. According to the Conte v. Hoercher case, psychological fitness for duty exams are not considered ______________.
  7. _________________ conducts the functions of education and support of the officers.
    Upper Level Management
  8. The dysfunctional element of discretion is the possibility of ____________.
  9. Within the work relationship between an employee and a supervisor, authority consists of the _____________, ____________, & __________.
    • The ability to research answers,
    • Common sense,
    • and Knowledge of the job.
  10. This theory focuses on hiring a worker to work and states poor performance is a choice.
    Theory of Responsibility and Control
  11. The FIRST step a supervisor engages in when counseling an officer is to gather the ______________.
    Proper Documentation
  12. A _____________ counsels, motivates, and documents poor performance.
  13. TRUE or FALSE?

    A supervisor does not force acceptable performance.
  14. Performance problems stem from a multitude of issues, including but not limited to:
    • 1.  Alcoholism
    • 2.  Personal Choice
    • 3.  Psychological Conditions
  15. The _____________ resides within the problem officer.
    Power to Change
  16. The most powerful element in solidifying the officer/supervisor relationship is ___________.
  17. The number one reason for job performance counseling is to ___________________.
    Influence the Change in Behavior
  18. A positive or functional aspect of complaining by officers is causing _____________.
    Organizational Change.
  19. To counter act group think, a supervisor should encourage __________, __________, _______.
    • Dissent
    • Skepticism
    • Seeking Outside Opinions
  20. TRUE or FALSE?

    Supervisors should always respect their fellow employee, but you do not have to agree with the officers.
  21. The number one drug abused by cops?

    (Prescription drugs are increasing.)
  22. ___________ motivators are time off and benefits.
    External Motivators
  23. ___________ motivators influence the purpose or are considered the heart and soul of the officer
    Internal Motivators
  24. _______________ factors can influence the likelihood of an officer staying motivated.
    Environmental Factors
  25. The "Ability" component of work consists of _________, ____________, and  _______________.
    • Knowledge
    • Common Sense
    • Experience
  26. TRUE or FALSE?

    The officer/employee controls the decision to perform or not.
  27. The most essential element of the Theory of responsibility and Control is the _____________.
  28. If the officer refuses to change, _____________ that are fair and consistent need to be applied.
  29. TRUE or FALSE?

    Management is able to force acceptable performance.

    Management is NOT able to FORCE acceptable performance.
  30. Education and support are functions of _______________.
    Upper Management
  31. Training and documenting are key functions of the ______________.
  32. Key roadblocks to successful performance counseling include, but are not limited to:
    • Dual Loyalties
    • Feelings of Hypocrisy
    • Lack of Confidence
  33. If management does not do anything about the problem, an employee will not change...Yes or No?
  34. List 3 critical functions of the supervisor.
    • 1.  Document
    • 2.  Counsel
    • 3.  Refer an officer to EAP
  35. The key component to a dysfunctional culture is?
  36. The key component of a functional culture is?
  37. TRUE or FALSE?

  38. The "Police Culture" is maintained by, but not limited to __________, ___________, ________.
    • Discipline
    • Peer Pressure
    • Perceived Mission
  39. Based on the concepts of "Work Place Staffing," the key element of identifying performance issues and helping the officer set goals to help influence a change is ______________.
  40. Employees identified in the "Work Performance Staffing" are to be monitored _________.
  41. TRUE or FALSE?

    Read the article " Ten Ways to Hire a Problem Employee" and note it is good business to accept expert advice.
  42. TRUE or FALSE?

    The author of the article entitled "When Departments Should not Create an Early Warning System" highlights the fact that the easiest part is creating an early identification of possible problem behaviors.
  43. ___________ is not upheld when an officer is sent for a psychological fitness for duty examination.
  44. TRUE or FALSE?

    The article entitled, " Choosing Appropriate Intervention Strategies," highlights if an officer does not learn appropriate material when in training and not addressed by the supervisor or FTO is referred to as a "Systems Problem."
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