Chapter 16 Section 4

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  1. Why did Lincoln want to free Confederate slaves?
    to hurt south's economy and war effort
  2. What were Lincoln's considerations for the Emancipation Proclamtion? (6)
    -Constitution did not give President power to free slaves

    -Concerns that slaves would go nroth and take jobs

    -worried that Rep. Party would lose support/lose upcoming elections

    -didn't want to upset/lose border states

    -used practical considerations like what to do with all these slaves?

    -could enforce EP in south only by defeating them
  3. -a military order from the commander-in-chief to free Confederate slaves
    Emancipation Proclamtion
  4. How did the North and South respong to the EP?
    -for most it broadened their goals of war to in lcude an end to slavery
  5. What hardships were faced by African American soldiers?
    -they were typically given the worst jobs, faced discrimination, and more risks
  6. -heroic unit of African American soldiers
    54th Massachusetts Infantry
  7. Who opposed the war and how did Lincoln handle this?
    -many whites and abolitionists opposed b/c they felt that slaves were the reason for the war in the first place and Lincoln jailed those who publicly opposed
  8. What were 3 new technologies during the civil war?
    • -ironclads
    • -rifles with minie balls
    • -cannons
  9. Who led the Copperheads?
    Rep. Clement L. Vallandigham
  10. -democrats that wanted peace
  11. How did the war effect all parts of society?
    • -made north's economy boom
    • -created food shortage
    • -created inflation
  12. -How did the gov't try to correct inflation in north?
    -use income tax to raise money and used paper issued by gov't
  13. -organized collection of medical supplies on battlefield
    -started the Red Cross
    Clara Benton
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