Archeology 1015

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  1. Egypt was the main place of archaeological excavations and exploration for which of the following female archaeologists?
    C. Gerturde Caton-tompson
  2. The type of sampling archaeologists use when excavating sites that have distinctive surface features is called.
    B. Judgmental
  3. the most common way to find archaeological sites is
    C. deliberate survey using aerial photos and by walking over the ground surface
  4. recent surveys about pseudoscientific beliefs have shown
    B.that college students are just about as gullible as the general public when it comes to believing in such things as astrology and faith healing
  5. what sort of apporach did ignaz semmelweis use to try to solve the problem of childbed feaver in 1840s
    E. He developed hypotheses based on the apparent differences in conditions between division 1 and division 2 of the hospital in which he worked and he used multiple working hypotheses approach each of which could be tested.
  6. which of the following is a problem concerning pesudoarchaeological claims about voyages to the new world made after the arival of american indians but before the arrival of columbus
    D. all of the above
  7. which of the folowing people or groups of people are claimed to have reached the new world before columbus
    E. all of the above. st. berndan, prince madoc, ancient africans, buddhist monks from china
  8. America's stonehenge
    D. all of the above. is alsow known by the name mystery hill dates mainly to the 19th centry based on the numerious european artifacts  is not a neolithic megalithic structure.
  9. beginning in the 16th century early explorers and chronoiclers speculated that american indians originally came from which place
    E. all of the above. atlantis china carthage spain
  10. the bent pyramid most likely has peculiar shape
    B. because of the fear that building a straight sided pyramid would result in its collapse
  11. the ruined pyramid at meidum was first recognized as a collapsed pyramid due to faulty engineering by
    D. Kurt mendelssohn
  12. the first pyramid in ancient egypt was built for a pharo named
    A. zoser
  13. which of the following is true about the recent claim of giant pyramids in bosnia
    E. all except d
  14. in the great flood story found on clay tables from nineveh what was the name of the individual who was the equivalent of noah
    c. Utnapishtim
  15. the late 19th century discoveries at tiryns are important because
    A. Much powttery was found there that resembled the pottery produced by the minoan civilization indicating a likely connection or contact with that civilization.
  16. figurines found at teotihuacan mainly dipict
    A. everyday people
  17. the____had a city of teotihuacan as its capital centered in ancient mexico
    B. Teotihuacan culture.
  18. excavations in the 1980s beneth the temple of quetzalcotal recovered
    C the skeletons of 200 males burried with neclaces made from human upper jaws.
  19. leopoldo batres did which of the following activities at teotihuacan
    C. He excavated and reconstructed the pyramid of the sun early in the 20th centry
  20. which of the following indian groups was still practicing a from of the mississippian culture tradition whn spanish and french explorers entered the us south east in the 16th centry
    B. the natchez
  21. in myths and mound builders what was the evidence that hepled dyrus tomas connect earthen moundbuilding with modern north american indian?
    C. stone box graves found in the mounds that looked very similar to those known histroically for the shawnee indians
  22. the early site of ___ dating over 3000 years ago is noted for its series of concentric earth ridges
    A. Poverty point
  23. which of the following items was not made ouf of raw materials imported by the leaders of ancient hopewell society for use as high status markers and burial goods?
    D. copper from the great lakes.
  24. which of the follwoing finds was originally claimed to be inscribed tables found in the burialmounds of the moundbulers cultures.
    D all of the above.
  25. what shape are the hearths that have been found at pampa de las lamas moxeke
    D. all of the above. round colver leaf shape square
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