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  1. Is umbilical cord blood OK for DNA id of a baby?
    Yes avoids heel stick and probls with buccal swab
  2. woman asks for D-P. LMP was 12 d ago and she last had sex 3d ago. Advice?
    Use some other method in the meantime and return at start of next menses.
  3. basal body temp method: when should you not have sex
    from start of menses until BBT has been elevated for 3d
  4. which type of UI has associated sx of recurrent cystitis
    stress UI
  5. OCP protects what common health prob in women
    Fe def anemia
  6. BP drugs that are enhanced by OCP
    beta blockers
  7. asthma drug enhanced by OCP
  8. psych drug enhanced by OCP
  9. what drugs diminish OCP effectiveness and may require backup method
  10. what is Lea's Shield
    contraceptive device similar to cervical cap and diaphragm
  11. most common kind of invasive brca
    infiltrating ductal carcinoma
  12. can pts with RA take OCP
    generally yes
  13. dx criteria for GAD
    experienced excessive anxiety and worry on most days of last 6 mos
  14. how to improve chance of prg in woman with mild endometriosis
    laparoscopic resectin or ablation of lesions
  15. diet change that may help with PMS
    increase complex carbs to even out blood glucose levels
  16. woman with spasticity best position for PAP smear
    prone knee-chest
  17. bacteria most often associated with bacterial vaginosis
  18. is rectal exam part of routine pelvic exam.
    no. FOBT with stool specimens preferred to screen for colon CA
  19. can a fibroma on the ovary develop into cancer
    yes possibly. 10% chance3
  20. first-line seizure med during prg
    phenobarbital (Luminal)
  21. condition that is a contra for Paragard
    heart dz because of the risk of endocarditis
  22. "cyst in female GU tract that causes pain, redness and perineal mass"
    Bartholin cyst
  23. what is Nabothian cyst
    benign cyst on cervix
  24. avg age of thelarche
  25. how to treat genital warts in a prg woman
    trichloroacetic acid.  immune modulators contraindicated in prg
  26. how long after infection does syphilis present with sx
    2-4 wks
  27. discharge, if any, in woman with gonorrhea
    milky to purulent
  28. if woman has any sx of chlamydia what is discharge like and what is quality of cervix
    mucopurulent and friable cervix
  29. drugs for urge UI and how do they work?
    Ditropan (oxybutynin) and Detrol (tolterodine).  anticholinergics they inhibit bladder contractility
  30. tamoxifen has estrogen agonist activity in what system and so is cancer risk
  31. Raloxifene has estrogen agonist activity only in what 2 systems and so it is rx for osteoporosis
    CV and bone
  32. alternative pharm tx to HT for hot flashes
    effexor, sertraline, paroxetine
  33. what happens to LH and FSH levels in menopause
    they increase dramatically
  34. typical HT regimen contains what fraction of estrogen in COC
    one fourth
  35. woman missed 2 or more pills what to do?
    take last missed pill and today's pill (if missed more than 1 pills leave other missed pills), take rest of pack and use another method of contraception for 7d.  If she had sex in the last 7d and missed 2 or more pills in first week of pack use EC
  36. woman misses one COC pill what to do?
    take last missed pill plus todays pill
  37. Why is diaphragm use associated with higher risk for UTI
    because it must be used with spermicide and spermicide kills off lactobacilli
  38. how long after coitus should woman wait to remove a diaphragm
    at least 6 hours
  39. How soon postpartum can Depo be started?
    stat if not bfing ; after 3-6 wks if bfing
  40. How often should you change the NuvaRing
  41. How often should you change Ortho-Evra patch
  42. why should drospirenone containing COC such as Yasmin be used with caution in women taking spironolactone
    because drospirenone is potassium as is spironolactone
  43. how does estrogen in COC help with contraception
    suppresses FSH and thus suppresses ovulation
  44. How does progestin help with contaception
    thickens endocervical mucus, endometrial atrophy, suppress LH and thus suppresses ovulation
  45. How does COC reduce risk of PID
    thickened endocervical mucus
  46. in PID you would expect tenderness in what 3 areas?
    cervical motion; abd ; adnexal
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