Chapter 11

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  1. Who were the three that died in the 70's and the break up
    • Jim Morrison
    • Jimi Hendrix
    • Janis Joplin
    • The beatles
  2. Who were the nostalgic bands?
    • Happy Days
    • Grease
    • Crocodile Rock
  3. What was Soft Soul?
    Name a 2 song.
    • Motown influenced,smooth,romantic style
    • "Philadelphia sound"

    Kenny Gamble

    Leon Huff

    • It's Too Late
    • "adult theme"
    • jazz

    • Love's Theme
    • Love Unlimited Orchestra
    • Danceable rhythms 
    • Sound of strings
  4. What was Mainstream Country?
    Major pop chart successes?
    • Reached out to middle class
    • John Denver
    • Charlie Rich
    • Glen Campbell
    • Olivia-Newton
    • Dolly Parton
  5. What was Hardcore Country?
    Name the artists?
    • Blackfield sound
    • Honky-Tonk

    • Merle Haggard
    • Buck Owens
    • Ernest Tubb
  6. What was Hotel Ca
    • Eagles were closely associated with Ca
    • country rock
    • western imagery
  7. What was Stadium Rock?
    • Influenced by Woodstock and Monterey
    • Highly profitable, market concerts
    • Took place in civic centers and sport complexes
  8. What is AOR?
    • (Album Oriented Rock)
    • Great attention went into each song
    • linked songs
    • High quality recordings
    • Synthesizers
  9. Who was Led Zeppelin?
    Name a song.
    • Combined hard rock
    • Called "anthem of Heavy Metal Music"
    • Frequently requested Fm radio song
    • Never released a single
  10. Who was Marvin Gaye?
    Name a song
    • "What's Going On"
    • Came from album (Theme of social justice)
    • Song had commercial success
    • Bridged divide between AM and FM radio
  11. Who was Santana?
    Name a song?
    Who wrote it?
    • Represented a growing rock trend towards multicultruralism
    • Lead by Carlos Santana
    • Influenced by rock, Mex-Ame music, and jazz
    • Tito Puente
  12. What was Disco?
    • Reaction against pretense of AOR
    • Deigned as dance music
    • Create in Black/Latin and gay clubs in SF and NYC
    • Associated with elaborated hedonism, escapism, and glamour

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