Chapter 12

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  1. Who were the three Progressive Country artists?
    • Willie Nelson
    • Waylon Jennings
    • Townes Van Zandt
  2. Who is Willie Nelson?
    • Bridged the gap between rock,country, and honky-tonk
    • Associated with "Outlaws"
    • Achieved success with "Red Headed Stranger"
  3. Who was Waylon Jennings?
    • Associated with "Outlaws"
    • Began Career as member of "The Crickets"
    • Image of Rebel
  4. Who was Townes Van Zandt?
    • Underground cult hero
    • successfully covered other songs
    • influenced by English ballads and corridos
    • poetic imagery
  5. What was Reggae?
    Name two artists
    • Mix of Caribbean folk and African R&B
    • First "Third World" rock
    • Associated with Rastafarian movement

    • Jimmy Cliff
    • Bob Marley
  6. Who was Jimmy Cliff?
    • Star of "The Harder They Come"
    • Popular with young, college-educated adults
    • First Jamaican musician to gain recognition in U.S
  7. Who was Bob Marley?
    • Best known Reggae style
    • Achieved world-wide popularity
    • Songs covered by other artist
    • Made use of "coded" messges
  8. Name 4 bands of puck and where they were from.
    • US
    • Ramones
    • Velvet Underground
    • Talking Heads

    • Britain
    • Sex Pistols
  9. Who was Ramones?
    • Fast Tempo
    • incorporated 50's imagery
    • lack of instrumental solos
    • large influence in the U.K
  10. Who was Velvet Underground?
    Who lead them?
    • influenced from musical avant-garde
    • sexual deviancy and drug addition

    • Lou Reed
    • John Cale
  11. Who was Talking Heads?
    • Influenced by minimalist 
    • Used by simple, riff driven songs
    • Incorporated "nerdy" imagery
  12. Who was Sex Pistols?
    • Most outrageous of 70's punk bands
    • generated significant controversy
  13. Name two Funk artists?
    • George Clinton
    • Sly and the Family Stone
  14. Who was George Clinton
    • Lead band Parliament and Funkadelic
    • Created elaborate concert
    • innovative concept albums
    • Used science fiction
  15. Who was Sly and the Family Stone?
    • Interracial band influenced by funk
    • Use of socially engaging lyrics
    • Achieved success on both pop and soul charts
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