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  1. A period when many different species die out. l
    mass extinction
  2. The living part of an ecosystem
  3. A part of a community made up of only one type of organism
  4. An organisms home
  5. living and dead matter are broken down into simple chemicals by
  6. The steps in which organisms get food they need to survive is called a
    food chain
  7. Acids in smoke from factory smokestacks mix with water in the air and fall to earth is
    acid rain
  8. a drought changes the ecosystem of a large area of land, turning itinto a
  9. What kind of plans will live in a desert
    plants who can live with little water
  10. What are the 5 basic life functions that all living things carry out:
    • 1. they grow and develop
    • 2. They use energy (by getting or making food).
    • 3. The reproduce or make more of their own kind.
    • 4. They resond to the environment.
    • 5. They giet rid of wastes
  11. What is a producer and what do they do
    Producers make food - trees
  12. What is a consumer and name one
    a consumer uses the foold a producer makes or eats other organisms - examples are beetles, birds, person
  13. What are decomposers and name one
    They break down wastes and the remains of other organisms - bacteria, fungi, mold and worms.
  14. Name 4 ecosystems from pages A44 - A45
    grasslands, mild forest lands, desert, tropical rain forest, saltwater shores, freshwater rivers
  15. What do all living things need?
    water, oxygen, food and shelter
  16. what are the basic differences in most plant and animal cells
    their covering, color and shape
  17. What do organisms in each kingdom share:
    basic traits or characteristics of a living thing
  18. How are organisms scientifically namned?
    by first naming their genus and then naming their species
  19. What are four things that can change an ecosystem:
    overpopulation, diseases, drought, and pollution
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