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  1. A supply chain is a global network of organizations and activities involved in
    Designing, transforming, consuming, and disposing of goods and services
  2. operations management
    The management of processes used to design, supply, produce and deliver valuable goods and services to the customer
  3. logistics management
    The management of the movement of materials and information within, into, and out of the firm
  4. tactical planning
    A type of planning that addresses intermediate-term decisions to target aggregate product demands and to establish how operational capacities will be used to meet them
  5. operational planning
    A type of planning that establishes short-term priorities and schedules to guide operational resource allocations
  6. strategic planning
    A type of planning that addresses long-term decisions that define the operations objectives and capabilities for the firm and its partners
  7. core capabilities
    A unique set of skills that confers competitive advantages to a firm, because rival firms cannot easily duplicate them
  8. Operations managers answer questions of what, how, when, where and who by defining both the ___________ and _____________ aspects of the operations management system
    structural and infrastructural
  9. Growth of the supply-chain management perspective in operations management results from the advent of:
    • Technology and infrastructure advances
    • Collaborative networks
    • A focus on core capabilities
  10. During the "mass production" era, operations management focused primarily on:
    Internal production
  11. While there is overlap between operations management and supply chain management, the two are different in that:
    Operations management focuses on processes, supply chain management focuses on relationships and flows.
  12. __________________________ typically provide raw materials, components, and services directly related to manufacturing or service production processes.
    Upstream product suppliers
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