English Nation-state 5-9-13

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  1. Steps to Limited Monarchy
    1. William the Conqueror

    2. Common Law (Henry II)

    3. King John (Magna Carta) 

    4. Puritan revolution (Common wealth)

    5. Petition of right (Charles I)

    6. Restoration (Charles II)

    7. English civil war

    8. Glorious revolution
  2. A tough, ruthless descendant of the vikings, who claimed the English throne
    William the Conqueror
  3. How did William the Conqueror become the king of England
    He won the favor of the pope and won at the Battle of Hastings
  4. A book used by William the Conqueror to learn more about his people
    Domesday Book
  5. Oath that required all feudal lords to pledge direct allegiance and military service to him
    Salisbury oath
  6. Three changes made by Cromwell
    1. All English citizens had to practice a severe Puritan moral code

    2. Ran a dictatorship

    3. Applied heavy taxes
  7. Why did people lose support for Oliver Cromwell?
    Dictatorial government and heavy taxes
  8. Why was Charles II a popular leader when he was restored to the throne?
    He restored the Church of England and tolerated other protestants and Catholics
  9. Why did Parliament choose to replace James II as a ruler?
    He flaunted his Catholic faith
  10. Why did the Parliament choose Mary and William III of Orange as the new rulers?
    They were protestants
  11. Signed by King John to deal with his unfair taxation, abuse of power, and unfair laws
    Magna Carta
  12. A law making body that included nobles, clergy, knights, and townspeople
  13. Provided a check on royal power
  14. Prohibited the king from raising taxes or imprisoning anyone without just cause or without consent of the Parliament
    Petition of Right
  15. Who was victorious in the English Civil War
    Cromwell and the roundheads
  16. Why is King's Charles's death significant in history?
    It sent a clear signal that no ruler could claim absolute power and ignore the rule of law in England
  17. Time when William and Mary overthrew James II
    Glorious revolution
  18. Ensured the superiority of Parliament over monarchy
    English Bill of Rights
  19. Granted religious freedom to non-Anglican Protestant sects
    Toleration Act
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