Tap and Jazz History overview

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  1. What was the Blackrock dance about?
    —The Black Crook featured dancing, spectacular stage sets, scenic effects, shocking costumes and a colorful cast of characters including Satan, demons, an artist, a fairy queen. It was more about entertainment than art.
  2. —What was the most popular form of entertainment in the US from 1845 – 1900 and that spread to most parts of the world?
    Minstrelsy or The Minstrel Show
  3. What was the Minstrel show about?
    It was a performance with Afro-American music, but the performers where white men in black faces.
  4. What was an original an exclusive dance for African Americans that became popular in minstrel shows?
    The Cakewalk
  5. Who was William Henry Lane?
    An Afro-American entertainer who became the most famous minstrel dancer.
  6. What was William Henry Lane nickname?
    Master Juba (after a famous dance step he found in Cuba)
  7. What is Juba?
    It is clapping with any kind of dance. Is a special routine of slapping the hands, knees,thighs, and body in a rhythmic display.
  8. How does Tap Dance emerge in the African American slave community?
    Since slave holders forbid Africans to use or posses drums, then they used their feet as a way to transfer the sounds of the drums.
  9. What do tap dancers make frequent use of?
    1. Syncopation

    2. Improvisation

    Either with music or without music also known as cappella dancing
  10. What are the two types of tap?
    1. Rhythm Tap: part of the dancing of slaves in America; closer to the floor uses mostly footwork and not showing very much arm or body movement.  Today these dancers are called “Hoofers”

    2. Show (Broadway) Tap: uses more arm movement and choreography of upper body
  11. Who perfected the "Class Act" in which the performers wore tuxedos?
    "Buck and Bubbles Show performed by:

    • “ John "Bubbles" Sublett (tap dancer)
    •  & Ford "Buck" Washington (piano).
  12. Who was America's most famous Tap dancer?
    • Bill "Bojangles" Robinson. He was very popular, highly paid, and acted in several films with Shirley Temple.
    • —
    • Known for tapping up and down stairs (no taps on his shoes, just thick wood)
  13. Who became famous for the energizing "Flash Act?
    The Nicholas Brothers

    Harold Nicholas (1921-2000) & Fayard Nicholas (1914-2006).
  14. Where did Jazz comes from?
    Jazz dance evolved out of tap dance, therefore both dances have many moves in common. Then it becomes a new form in its own right.

  15. From where the characteristics of Jazz dance are inherited from?
  16. What are the Characteristics of Jazz Dance?
    • 1. The crouch (legs bent at knees and ankles with spine flexible and loose)
    • 2. Strong attack that propels movement back and forth
    • 3. Movement that starts from the pelvic region and continues outward and movement that appears in an isolated limb (hand, head, or shoulder)
    • 4. Movement that shimmies, shakes and trembles
    • 5. A tendency to improvise (often satirically) which allows for freedom of individual expression
  17. What is a common characteristic in jazz music that was adapted to jazz dance?
    Syncopated rhythm
  18. What is the Jazz Age?
    —In opposition to the mood of World War I (1914-1918) jazz music and dancing rose in popularity during the 1920’s. The period is often referred to as the Jazz Age.
  19. Who created the elegant social dance form  (Fox-Trot)?
    Vernon Castle and Irene Castle
  20. What are Dance Marathons?
    Dance competitions that lasted 2 -3 days. Non -stop dancing and a depressing phenomenon during the Jazz age
  21. Who created Jitterbug/ LindyHop?
    —Origins are credited to George “Shorty” Snowden – a Harlem marathon champion.

    —During one marathon, he flung his partner away and began to improvise solo steps on his own
  22. During the 1950’s jazz dance was  influenced by Caribbean and other Latin American dance styles. Who introduced this styles?
    Anthropologist and dancer Katherine Dunham.
  23. Who is —The Father of Jazz Dance Technique?
    Jack Cole
  24. What does Cole’s style embraces?
    • —Isolations, rapid directional changes, angled placement and long knee slides.
    • —
    • He also developed techniques that are currently used in musicals, films, television commercials and videos

    He developed choreographies for important stars such as Marilyn Monroe
  25. Who was highly influenced by Jack Cole?
    Jerome Robbins
  26. What styles did Jerome Robins fused?
    Ballet, jazz dance, street dance and Harlem rhythms into his own unique voice
  27. What Broadway musicals did Jerome Robins directed and choreographed?
    • —On The Town
    • The King and I
    • West Side Story
    • Gypsy
    • Fiddler on the Roof
  28. Who was an American jazz dancer, choreographer and teacher best known for creating a jazz exercise technique?
    Eugene Louis "Luigi" Faccuito
  29. What is The Luigi Warm Up Technique?
    It's an influential training program that promotes body alignment, balance, core strength, and "feeling from the inside."
  30. what is the method that became the world’s first standard technique for teaching jazz and musical theater dance?
    The Luigi Warm Up Technique
  31. How did Bob Fosse —Revolutionized the look of jazz dancers?
    • —He made his disadvantages work for him:
    • 1. He had a rounded back so he rolled it
    • 2. He was going bald so he wore hats
    • 3. He had poor turn out so he turned in
  32. How was Fosse's style distinct?
    —It was highly creative and often included bizarre movements; it was slick, erotic and intense.
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