verb of muvement

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  1. [intransitive and transitive] to hit your hands against each other many times to make a sound that shows your approval, agreement, or enjoyment
    clap /klæp/
  2. [transitive usually + adverb/preposition] to make something move away by hitting or pushing it suddenly or quickly, especially with your thumb and finger
    flick /flɪk/
  3. hit lightly [intransitive and transitive] to hit your fingers lightly on something, for example to get someone’s attention
    tap /tæp/
  4. [transitive] to press a part of someone’s skin very tightly between your finger and thumb, especially so that it hurts
    pinch /pɪntʃ/
  5. =hold each other’s hands
    hold hands
  6. rub your skin [intransitive and transitive] to rub your skin with your nails because it feels uncomfortable
    scratch /skrætʃ/
  7. with a finger/stick etc [intransitive and transitive] to quickly push your finger or some other pointed object into something or someone
    poke /pəʊk $ poʊk/
  8. [intransitive and transitive] to quickly push something or someone with your finger or a pointed object SYN poke
    prod /prɒd $ prɑːd/
  9. show something with your finger [intransitive and transitive] to show something to someone by holding up one of your fingers or a thin object towards it
    point /pɔɪnt/
  10. [transitive] to move your hand gently over something
    stroke /strəʊk $ stroʊk/
  11. [transitive] to move your fingers gently over someone’s body in order to make them laugh
    tick‧le /ˈtɪkəl/
  12. hand [intransitive and transitive] to raise your arm and move your hand from side to side in order to make someone notice you
    wave /weɪv/
  13. phrasal verb lift something/somebody uppick something/somebody ↔ up to lift something or someone up
    pick up
  14. phrasal verb place put something/somebody ↔ down to put something or someone that you are holding or carrying onto a surface
    put down
  15. move something upwards (also lift up) [transitive] to move something or someone upwards into the air
    lift /lɪft/
  16. lift and take [transitive] to hold something in your hand or arms, or support it as you take it somewhere
    car‧ry /ˈkæri/
  17. let something fall [transitive] to stop holding or carrying something so that it falls (to make something such as a bomb fall from a plane)
    drop /drɒp $ drɑːp/
  18. body [intransitive and transitive] to straighten your arms, legs, or body to full length
    stretch /stretʃ/
  19. [intransitive and transitive] to move part of your body so that it is not straight or so that you are not upright
    bend /bend/
  20. [intransitive] to sit with your knees bent under you and your bottom just off the ground, balancing on your feet
    squat /skɒwt $ skwɑːt/
  21. [intransitive] (also crouch down) to lower your body close to the ground by bending your knees completely
    crouch /kraʊtʃ/
  22. [intransitive] to be in or move into a position where your body is resting on your knees
    kneel /niːl/
  23. move [intransitive and transitive] to make someone or something move by pressing them with your hands, arms etc OPP pull
    push /pʊʃ/
  24. move something towards you [intransitive and transitive] to use your hands to make something or someone move towards you or in the direction that your hands are moving OPP push
    pull /pʊl/
  25. in your hand/arms [transitive] to have something in your hand, hands, or arms
    hold /həʊld $ hoʊld/
  26. move up/down [intransitive always + adverb/preposition, transitive] to move up, down, or across something using your feet and hands, especially when this is difficult to do
    climb /klaɪm/
  27. move downwards [intransitive] to move or drop down from a higher position to a lower position
    fall /fɔːl $ fɒːl/
  28. move quickly using your legs [intransitive] to move very quickly, by moving your legs more quickly than when you walk (run down/up/to/towards etc)
    run /rʌn/
  29. [intransitive] to run slowly and steadily, especially as a way of exercising
    jog /dʒɒɡ $ dʒɑːɡ/
  30. [intransitive and transitive] to move forward by putting one foot in front of the other
    walk /wɔːk $ wɒːk/
  31. [intransitive] to be on a chair or seat, or on the ground, with the top half of your body upright and your weight resting on your buttocks (sit on/in/by etc)
    sit /sɪt/
  32. [intransitive] to move along on your hands and knees with your body close to the ground (crawl along/across etc)
    crawl /krɔːl $ krɒːl/
  33. [intransitive always + adverb/preposition] to walk quietly and carefully on your toes, so that nobody hears you
    tiptoe /ˈtɪptəʊ $ -toʊ/
  34. [intransitive] if soldiers or other people march somewhere, they walk there quickly with firm regular steps (march across/along/past etc)
    march /mɑːtʃ $ mɑːrtʃ/
  35. throw a ball/stone etc [intransitive and transitive] to make an object such as a ball move quickly through the air by pushing your hand forward quickly and letting the object go
    throw /θrəʊ $ θroʊ/
  36. [intransitive and transitive] to hit something with your foot (kick something down/over/around etc)
    kick /kɪk/
  37. touch somebody/something hard [transitive] to touch someone or something quickly and hard with your hand, a stick etc
    hit /hɪt/
  38. [transitive] to hit someone or something hard with your fist (=closed hand) (punch somebody on/in something)
    punch /pʌntʃ/
  39. [intransitive and transitive] to get hold of and stop an object such as a ball that is moving through the air
    catch /kætʃ/
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