Dinner Menu

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  1. Roasted Asparagus
    Garlic aioli, toasted truffle baguette, sunny side up egg, Ouray 

    • Oven/Fire roasted, charred asparagus served over a truffle salted
    • baguette with shaved Ouray cheese (similar to a Pecorino/Romano—grainy nutty
    • cheese)
  2. Roasted bone marrow
    Crispy guanciale with parsley and onion marmalade 

    • Veal bones, cut length-wise,
    • oven roasted and filled with crispy gaucaelle (unsmoked Italian bacon prepared
    • with pig’s jowl or cheeks/guania: Italian for cheek) and a sweet onion
    • marmalade. Served on top of toasted bread
  3. Mortadella sausage
    Sweet and hot peppers 

    • Mortadella (lean,
    • heat-cured pork (fat back) sausage made in house with pistachio nuts
    • throughout) served with hand-made pimento (Italian cherry peppers) seasoned
    • with cinnamon and allspice
  4. Pickled local vegetables
    SEASONAL—pickled in mustard, all spice and coriander spices, Bay Leaves
  5. Crispy oyster sandwiches. Soft brioche, remoulade, bacon
    Soft brioche, remoulade, bacon 

    • Varied combination of in house
    • oysters fried with cornmeal and seasoned (garlic powder, chili powder, onion
    • powder) flour. Served with a soft brioche bun, smoked paprika remoulade, bacon
    • topped with garlic aioli celery and pickles
  6. Smoked paprika Remoulade
    Celery Root, Cappers, Siracha Cili, Garlic, Pickles
  7. Cold smoked tomato soup
    Crispy fennel and bacon 

    • Oven smoked tomato gazpacho
    • made with day old bread crumbs, sherry, tabasco sauce and Worcestershire sauce
    • topped with diced fennel and bacon (can omit)
    • Can be Vegan not Glutten Free
  8. Saxelby’s Cheese plate
    • Served with honeycomb, fig
    • jam, roasted nuts, or pickled carrots

    • Pawlette (Vermont)—sheep/cow
    • blend, semi soft cheese from Vermont. Similar to a young gruyere/muenster

    • Cremont (Vermont)—sheep/cow
    • blend, young soft and aged in straw from Vermont. Mild and ashy.
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