Dinner Menu

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  1. Grass-fed Bone-in Sirloin
    Smoked garlic marrow butter with dressed green/ 1 or 2 ($35/$65)
  2. Smoked pork chop
    • Heritage bred Old World pork chops served with molasses butter beans
    • (variation of baked beans—spicy, tangy and sweet)

    Temp Med-Well Don't take Temp
  3. Veal Chop
    • Fennel Crusted Upstate
    • vinegar peppers ,Veal T-bone with Fennel, Pollen pepper flakes. Vinegar peppers made in house with red and green Italian frying
    • peppers.

    Take Temp
  4. Organic Roasted Chicken
    • Italian salsa verde with roasted
    • potatoes ($22) or 2 ($N/A)

    • Free range chicken served
    • whole (for 2) on a spit served with Italian salsa verde (capers, anchovies,
    • parsley, lemon, garlic)

    White wine, Chicken Au Jus mixing in with the vegetables
  5. 28 day aged Ribeye
    Dressed greens and frites, Aged in dry oak racks with a light fan circulation served with dressed greens and frites

    Take Temp
  6. Spring lamb
    • Fava beans, peas, mint, spring onion,
    • carrot potato
    • Upstate rack of lamb
    • souv-vide (cooking method using Cryovac bag in heated water, cooking the meat thoroughly to Medium Rare) served
    • with mint & fava puree, baby carrots, spring peas and duck fat potatoes.

    Don't Take Temp
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