Dinner Menu

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  1. Whole roasted Porgy
    • Muddled tomato and garlic
    • Crispy, sea bass-like white
    • flakey fish, topped with sweet onion, olive oil and Parsley
  2. L.I. Scallops
    Smoked pork belly, pickled onions

    • Seared scallops, with brined
    • (soaked overnight in salt and peppercorn) pork belly and pickled onions served
    • a la plancha (grilled on a flat top stove)
  3. Blackened Cod
    Pickled ramps, red rice

    • Cod charred and blackened in chili powder and smoked paprika, pickled
    • ramps (wild onion with a garlic like odor), red rice (ancient rice similar to
    • quinoa)

    Aoli Sauce
  4. Grass-fed Burger
    • Special house blend of grass-fed and dry aged beef. Presentation changes
    • daily (Brioche bun, Rye Toast, Topped with Slaw, Patty Melt etc.)
  5. Raviolo
    • Sheeps milk ricotta, egg yolk, brown
    • butter, pancetta

    • Large sized ravioli-like pasta
    • stuffed with egg yolk, brown butter, sage and pancetta topped with shaved Ouray
    • cheese in an egg yolk and brown butter sauce.
  6. House Cut Macaroni Ricotti
    • Hand cut pasta made with guanciale lardo in a fire roasted tomato sauce.
    • Topped with shaved Ouray
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