HES 201 Final

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  1. What is the primary mode of therapy for todays mentally ill?
  2. what chronic psychotic condition is thought to have no known cause
  3. what are characteristics for bi-polar disorder
    extreme mania and extreme depressive symptoms
  4. why were barbiturates used in the 1920s to treat mental disorders
    to induce sleep
  5. what are the class of drugs that reduce psychotic symptoms without producing drowsiness and sedation?
  6. what disease does the common side effects of anti psychotic meds mimic?
  7. know that ___ work by not breaking down serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine in order to elevate a persons mood
    MAO inhibitors
  8. what was the most widely prescribed anti depressant ever marketed?
  9. How do anti depressants work in the brain
    there is no single biochemical mechanism to explain the effects of all of these drugs
  10. what in the single most effective treatment for a person suffering from major depression
    ECT electro convulsive thearpy
  11. how long does it take before symptoms begin to change for the person taking lithium
    10-15 days
  12. lithium is both __ and __ depending on blood level
    safe and toxic
  13. know that ___ are required before a person can be committed for treatment against his or her will
  14. what percent of homeless in the us have some sort of mental illness?
  15. what institution holds more mentally ill people than state hospitals
  16. what type of cancer is mostly found in cigg smokers
  17. whats the only source of nicotine
  18. what % of inhaled nicotine is absorbed and how long does it take to reach the brain
    90 % and 7 seconds
  19. what is the ld50 for tobacco
  20. what neurotransmitter does nicotine mimic
  21. route of administration for tobacco
  22. cigar contains enough nicotine for how many LDS?
  23. length of time it takes for nicotine to begin to leave the body once you stop smoking
    72 hours
  24. know what the most toxic and addictive drug known is
  25. where are tobacco and caffeine metabolized
    in the liver
  26. what the total "smoking attributed mortality" rate is per year in the US
  27. how much nicotine does one cigg contain?
    1 MG
  28. how much caffeine does two cups of coffee contain
    220 MG
  29. 10 step process from planting to packaging

    (pot heads can grab a real snack after beer pong)
    • 1) Planted
    • 2)Harvested
    • 3)Cured
    • 4)Graded
    • 5)Auctioned
    • 6)Re-dried + Cleaned
    • 7)Steamed
    • 8)Aged
    • 9)Blended + FlavoredĀ 
    • 10)Packaged + Sold
  30. route of administration for caffeine
  31. oldest known stimulants?
  32. what is the unique xanthine found in chocolate
  33. one important therapeutic effects for caffine with regard to migraine headaches
    its a vaso constructive
  34. what were coca colas three main ingredients
    cocaine, caffeine, extract from the kola nut
  35. which of the xanthines are in tea that aid in the treatment of asthma
  36. otc products that contain caffeine
    excedrin and midol
  37. 3 symptoms of caffenism
    nervousness, irritability, insomnia
  38. list the xanthines
    • caffine
    • theobromine
    • thophylline
  39. 3 sources of caffeine
    coffee, tea, soft drinks
  40. 3 causes for concern
    • increased risk of heart disease
    • can reduce womens chance of becoming pregnant
    • caffineism
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