History of Christianity Final

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  1. Apostle to the Native Americans
    John Eliot
  2. 1604-1690
    Life of John Eliot
  3. Who wrote Bay Psalm book?
    John Eliot
  4. By 1674, how many Praying towns were there? Total population?
    14 Towns with 3600 Converts
  5. Into what Language did Eliot translate the Bible?
  6. Who printed Eliot's translated Bible and when?
    Cambridge, 1663
  7. What was the name of the organization created to support Eliot's work?
    Corp. of Promoting the Gospel
  8. In what year did what person attack towns in Mass?
    1675, Chief King Phillip
  9. Name of island the believing Indians were exiled to?
    Deer Island
  10. By what year did only one family of believing Indians remain?
  11. Name of first book banned by US congress?
    The Christian Commonwealth - Eliot
  12. What nationality was Jonathan Edwards?
    English, not American
  13. How many American colleges began because of Edwards?
    6 of 9
  14. How much time did Edwards spend in his study?
    12-13 hours a day
  15. How does, "Sinners...angry God" compare to other Edwards sermons?
    Not the typical
  16. What years did Edwards live?
  17. How many sisters did Edwards have?
    10, all over 6', the 60' of sisters
  18. How many sermons did Edwards preach
    Two 2 hours sermons/week
  19. Who admitted slaves as full members of the church?
  20. Who was voted out of their church by 90%
  21. Who was strong in their own self disclosure?
  22. Who typically hell and brimstone?
  23. Who would have a discharge of blood after preaching?
  24. Who spoke in natural ampitheaters with a mobile pulpit?
  25. Who preached against slave traders?
    Whitefield, earned paid haters to stab people in the crowd or had stripping women there to distract hearers
  26. Who traveled to America 7 times?
  27. Who preached at least 18,000 times?
  28. How many people heard Whitefield's sermons?
  29. What did Whitefield and Wesley fight about?
    Free grace
  30. Who said, "It is better to be a saint that a scholar"
  31. "I hope to grow riches in heaven by taking care of oprhans on earth"
  32. When did Whitefield live?
  33. Who hated their own body?
    Whitefield - ran naked in winter, fasted unto death
  34. Who saw people jump off buildings, bounce off the ground and be unharmed?
    John Wesley
  35. Antinomians
    People who didn't think the law applied, free living was good. Opponents to Wesley
  36. Who grouped the poor in England into Bible studies?
  37. Who resisted small groups of the poor?
    (Wesley) the church of engalnd
  38. Who preached more than 40,000 sermons?
  39. Who gave away 90% of income to set up clinics for the poor?
  40. Who liked to medically treat people with Electricity?
  41. Describe Welsey's perfect church?
    8 sides, so you couldn't hide, men divided from women, stools, so if you fell asleep you would fall off.
  42. Past and currently followers of Wesley? (Methodists)
    • At death: 80000 in England 40000 in America
    • 1957: 4,000,000
  43. Who plagiarizer a book on slavery?
  44. What years did Wesley live?
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