DIT day 3

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  1. what drugs can cause serotonin syndrome?
    • ssri
    • snri
    • maoi
    • meperidine
    • levodopa
    • lithium¬†
    • cocaine
    • amphetamine
    • st johns wort
    • lsd
  2. antibodies see in dm type I?
    • aanti glutamic acid decarboxylase
    • anti islet cell cytoplasm
    • anti tyrosine
  3. what kind of insulin is used in rx of dka?
    regular insulin
  4. at 3 am, what will be the blood glucose level with dawn phenomenon? somogyoi phenomenon'?
    • dawn---high
    • somogoyi--high
  5. short acting insulins?
    intermediate acting?
    long acting
    • lispro, aspart
    • nph

    glargine, detemir
  6. what must be kept in mind for a type 1 dm patient that plans to begin a strenous exercise program?
    hypoglycemia must be kept in mind
  7. glitazones are contraindicated in ?
    • heart failure
    • CAD
  8. what drug do you not give with insulin?
  9. best initial rx for diabetes m type II?
    if hba1c >7 after 3 months, next step?
    if hba1c is >8 still?
    • metformin
    • sulfonyl urea or glitazone
    • add insulin
  10. dka vs hhnk?
    • dka has acidosis
    • ketones
    • sugars are not as high as in hhnk
  11. rx for neovascularization?
  12. rx for diabetic gastroparesis?
    • erythromycin
    • metoclopramide
  13. rx for diabetic neuropathiy?
    • duloxetine
    • gabapentin
    • tca
  14. charcot joing?
    joint arthropathy due to decreased sensation in dm and syphylis
  15. 2 causes of hyperthyroid that have increased raiu scans?
    • graves
    • toxic multinodular
  16. painful thyroid?
    subacute thyroid
  17. what lab abnormalities suggest thyroid disease?
    • cpk
    • high lipids
    • low na
  18. unresponsiveness to pth or hereditary osteodystrophy is also called?
    albrights hereditary  osteodystrophy
  19. da agonists suppress prolactin as well as what?
  20. gh receptor antagonist?
  21. rx for prolactinoma or gh tumor?
    transphenoidal sx
  22. homrone to promote fertility?
  23. best initial test when suspecting cushings?
    • 24 hour urine cortisol
    • or
    • 1mg dexamethasone suppression test
  24. next step after high cortisol is established?
    • acth testing-- if it is high--mri of pituitary---
    • if no lesion in pituitary--sample the inferior petrosal sinus for acth...if still no evidence
    • scan the chest
  25. best initial test for primary hyperaldosteronism?
    most accurate?
    plasma aldosterone con/plasma renin activity

    adrenal vein aldosterone concentration
  26. what endocronological do causes eosinophilia?
  27. causes of eosinophilia?
    • drugs
    • neoplasms
    • allergy, asthma, addisons
    • collagen vascular disease
    • parasitic infections
  28. ascaris lumbricoides
  29. steroid that acts like cortisol?
  30. way to remember the symptoms of cah?
    • with 1 in the first digit--htn
    • with 1 in the second digit--virilization
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