NASM CPT Chpt 11 -Plyometric (Reactive) Training Concepts

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  1. Plyometric Training is...?
    A form of exercises that uses explosive movements such as bounding, hopping, and jumping to develop muscular power.

    AKA: Jump or Reactive Training
  2. What traits must clients portray before participating in plyometrics?
    Clients must possess adequate core strength, stability, and ROM, and have the ability to balance before performing any plyometric exercises.
  3. Rate of Force production
    Ability of muscles to exert maximal force output in a minimal amount of time.
  4. What are the three phases of Plyometric Exercises?
    • 1. The Eccentric Phase
    • 2. The Amortization Phase
    • 3. The Concentric Phase
  5. What is the ultimate goal of plyometric training?
    To decrease the reaction time of the muscle action spectrum (Eccentric deceleration, isometric stabilization, Concentric acceleration)
  6. Plyometric Stabilization Exercise characteristics
    Little Joint motion

    Designed to: Establish optimal landing mechanics, postural alignment, and reactive neuromuscular efficiency 

    Landing position should be held for 3-5 seconds
  7. Plyometric Stabilization Exercises:
    • 1. Squat Jump w/ Stabilization
    • 2. Box jump-up w/ Stabilization
    • 3. Box jump-down w/ Stabilization 
    • 4. Multiplanar jump w/ Stabilization
  8. Plyometric Strength Exercise characteristics
    Involve more dynamic eccentric and concentric movement through a full ROM
  9. Plyometric Strength Exercises
    • 1. Squat Jump
    • 2. Tuck Jump
    • 3. Butt Kick
    • 4. Power Step-up
  10. Plyometric Power Exercise characteristics
    Involve the entire muscle action spectrum, and contraction-velocity spectrum used during integrated functional movements.
  11. Plyometric Power Exercises
    • 1. Ice Skaters (Aka Skater Jumps)
    • 2. SL Power Step-Ups
    • 3. Proprioceptive Plyometrics
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NASM CPT Chpt 11 -Plyometric (Reactive) Training Concepts
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