Songwriting Final

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  1. "Power," "Diamonds of Sierra Leone"
    Kanye West (and Jay-Z)
  2. "Sawdust and Diamonds"
    Joanna Newsom
  3. "Obsesion"
    Aventura; Frankie J and Baby Bash
  4. "Ballad of a Politician"
    Regina Spektor
  5. Pedal Harp
    • Joanna Newsom
    • Complicated, hard to play
    • 7 pedals for changing pitches (sharp, flat, natural)
  6. Kora
    • West African
    • Mix between lute and harp
  7. Polyrhythms
    • The simultaneous use of two or more conflicting rhythms
    • The countermelody of rhythm
  8. Sampling
    Putting a section of an old song into a new song
  9. Production
    • Regular music producer: material is already there for her; she puts it together.
    • Hip-hop music producer: has to create the beat, essentially the song's composer
  10. Song
    • Music and singing
    • Final product involved other instrumentals, special effects, mixing, etc. on top of what the composer & lyricist wrote
    • Different Hallelujahs, etc.
  11. Bachata
    • Dominican Republic
    • Dance music
  12. Ghazal
    • 5 or more couplets
    • Each couplet can stand alone
    • Each line has same number of syllables
    • Each couplet ends with same word/phrase
    • All couplets rhyme with each other
  13. Timbre
    • Tone quality/tone colour
    • What differentiates sounds of the same pitch and volume from one another
    • Breathy, belting, vocal fry, etc.
    • Voice or instrument
  14. Parody Songs
    • Three types:
    • Parody singer of original song
    • Use pre-existing song to talk about something completely different
    • Homage┬áto a singer/genre without using an actual pre-existing melody
  15. Music Therapy
    • Treating autism
    • Hello songs
    • Learning songs
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