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  1. Esparragos blancos con limon y tomillo

    White asparagus with lemon thyme and idiazabla cheese.
    blanched white asparagus with honey lemon dressing w/ white pepper, thyme and idiazabal cheese.
  2. Coliflor con olivas y frucos secos

    Sauteed Cauliflower with dates and olives
    One of the most popular vegetables. Romans first to grow as crops, reached spain in the 18th-19th centuries.

    cauliflower, dates, green olives, EVOO, rosemary, thyme, PX vinegar, pimenton, and sea salt
  3. Mejillones a la vinigaretta de miel

    Mussels served with pipirrana, sherry dressing and honey
    • Origin: Pipirrana/Andalucia-
    • Jaen mussels/Galicia
    • Boiled mussels,
    • pipirrana (diced cucumbers, diced green peppers diced tomatoes)
    • Sherry dressing (honey, sherry vinegar, EVOO and salt)
    • -Shellfish
  4. Aceitunas rellenas y Aceitunas "Ferran Adria"

    Olives stuffed with anchovie and piquillo peppers and Ferran Adria liquid olives
    • Origin: El Bulli, Catalonia
    • The spherification technique was introduced by feran adria in 1993. sodium alganate and calcium
    • STUFFED- green olives, piquillo peppers, anchovies
    • SPHERE-Juice from the kalamata olive sphereified with Algin and Calic
    • served with an orange puree and a macerated oil (garlic, rosemary, bay leaf,thyme, orange)
  5. La Serena con membrillo
    La Serena cheese and quince paste cone
    • La Serena cheese piped into a pastry brik cone with
    • membrillo (quince paste with quince, sugar and water)
    • finished with shave walnuts
    • -Tree nuts
  6. Salmon crudo con huvas de salmon
    Salmon tartare and salmon roe cone
    • Origin: Jose!!
    • Raw diced salmon with diced fennel, lemon juice, hard boiled eggs, chervil, capers, and oild, stuffed into a pastry brik cone and topped with marinated salmone roe and fennel frond
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