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  1. Jamon Iberico de bellota fermin
    cured ham from the legendary acorn fed, black footed Iberico pigs of Spain.
    • Bellota means acorn
    • decsendent of wild boar
    • last free roaming pig in europe
    • Found in south western Iberian
    • eat acorns, sep, oct, nov.. go to slaughter in december
    • Acorn diet produces omega 3.5 which has a nutty flavor and is a healthy fat.
    • the ham is aged 1-3 years
    • Portion is 1oz
    • served with pan con tomate
    • -gluten
  2. Lomo Iberico de bellota fermin
    Smoked cured pork loin
    • Same happy pig, cured in pimenton, spices, pressed and dried
    • 1oz
    • served with pan con tomate
    • -gluten
  3. Jamon Iberico fermin
    cured ham from the iberico pig of spain
    • not completely free frange
    • diet consists of some acorn and some grains
    • 1oz
    • served with pan con tomate
    • -gluten
  4. chorizo Iberico de bellota fermin
    a dry cured sausage made with Iberico meat
    • genuinely spanish w/ pimenton and garlic
    • cured for one month
    • firm texture and exquisite aroma
    • (iberico pork, salt, pimenton,dextrin,dextrose, garlic, oregeno,olive oil, beef collagen casing)
    • 1oz
  5. Jamon serrano fermin
    18th month salt cured ham
    • white pig that is massaged to create better product.
    • salt cured for 18 months
    • 1oz
    • seved with pan con tomate
    • -gluten allergy
  6. Salchion Iberico de bellota fermin
    a dry cured sausage made with Iberico meat
    • similar to chorizo with no pimenton.
    • Iberico pork, salt, seasoning, dextrin, dextrose, nutmeg, corriander,black pepper, white pepper, beef collagen casing.
  7. seleccion de embutidos a seleccion
    all of the spanish cured meats
    • half ounce of each of the meats served with pan de cristal.
    • -gluten

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