Qtr 3 Function ALS quiz 2

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  1. What are the hormones of the anterior pituitary gland?
    • FSH: follicle stimulating hormone 
    •         Ovaries and Testes
    • LH: Luteinizing Hormone
    •        Ovaries and Testes
    • Adenocorticotropin Homrone
    •        Adrenal cortex
    • TSH: Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
    •          Thyroid gland
    • Prolactin: Stimulates milk production
    •                Mammary glands
    • GH: Growth Hormone
    • Melanocyte stimulating hormone
  2. What hormones are stored by the posterior pituitary gland?
    • ADH: Stimulates resorption of water
    •          Increases blood pressure
    • Ocytocin: Smooth muscle contraction
    •                of mammary glands
  3. What are the three main functions of FSH?
    • Sertoli cells
    • Spermatogenesis
    • Stimulate growth of ovarian follicle
  4. What are the three main functions of LH?
    • Leydig Cells : testosterone
    • Ovulation
    • Progesteron and Estrogen synthesis
  5. What is the target tissue of ACTH and what is its main function?
    • Adrenal Cortex
    •    Production of cortisol
    •         Increase blood sugar
  6. Where is oxytocin synthesized?
    Paraventricular Nucleus of Hypothalamus
  7. Where is ADH synthesized?
    Supraoptic nucleus of hypothalamus
  8. What disease is the result of low ADH?
    Diabetes insipidus
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