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  1. What allowed Catholics to share the full religious freedom granted to all Americans?
    Independence in 1783
  2. Why and how we're the Catholics divided?
    Because of question of supporting slavery. North and South
  3. Priest served as ________________ for both the Union and confederate armies
  4. When did the war end? What did this ending proclaim?
    1865 freedom for people of all races and creeds
  5. What is a plenary Council? What did the 1st one issue?
    Council to be attended by all bishops. Recommendations that pastors teach Christian doctrine to the young people in their parishes and every Parish have a Catholic School.
  6. When and What did the 3rd plenary Council vote?
    1884 to establish a nation wide Catholic School system, where every Catholic child in the US are enrolled to Catholic School, published the Baltimore Ca                      thectism used to teach young Catholics
  7. What was publish to help young American Catholics learn their faith?
    Baltimore Catechism
  8. Name 3 reasons why by the 1900 there was 12 million Catholics in the US?
    Catholics invited 4 million freed slaves to become Catholic, immigrants from Europe, Mexico, and Canada, missionaries churches and schools were opened to Native Americans.
  9. What did the Vatican declare about the U.S in 1908
    It was no longer a missionary country
  10. What was the great depression?
    In October 1929 the American stock market crashed and people s life savings disappeared, businesses failed, thousands lost their jobs, farmers lost farms because couldn't sell crops, people lost their homes.
  11. 1914, during ww1, ________________________________, pleaded for peace in Europe, but leaders on both sides refused to listen.
    Pope benidict xv
  12. When does the US join the war and who did the Catholic chaplains side with
    1917 American troops
  13. When does the war end?
  14. When was Pope pius x1 elected and what does he write?
    1922 encyclical quadragesimo anno, meaning "after 40 years", that said the positive impacts of the social teachings mentioned in rerum neverum and the need to continue the work for just society.
  15. Who gained control of Germany by 1933, what party was he and why did who want Germany?
    Adolf hitler nazis because Europe economies clasped by the war and needed confidence
  16. Who became dictator of Italy in 1922
    Bento mussolini
  17. What did Pope pius x1 do about Hitler? This it work
    Negotiate treaties with these leaders to secure rights for the church in Germany and Italy, no, Hitler broke the treaty and began arresting Catholic priests and others to spoke against him.
  18. What pope tried to negotiate treaties with Hitler and Missolini to protect Catholic citizens in their countries.
    Pope Pis XI
  19. At the time of the ________ _________ neither the British nor the Patriots were friendly towards Catholics most sided with the Patroits.
    American Revolution
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