People of the Protestant Reformation & Scientific Revolution

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  1. Martin Luther
    • young priest
    • Split the church from Roman Catholic after seeing the church flaws
  2. John Calvin
    • priest
    • concept of predestination
  3. Huldrych Zwingli
    • believed in child baptism
    • metaphorical communion
  4. King Henry VIII
    • split from Catholic church over land ownership
    • Angelican Church (not very different)
  5. William Tyndale
    Garroted for translating bible to English
  6. Nicolaus Copernicus
    • proposed Heliocentricism
    • "De Revolutionibus"
  7. Tycho Brahe
    • collected year of data on planetary motion
    • planet speed relative to distance from sun
  8. Johannes Kepler
    interpreted data for Brahe as mathematician
  9. Galileo Galilei
    invented telescope
  10. Sir Isaac Newton
    • studied gravity
    • invented Calculus
  11. Ole Romer
    found speed of light
  12. Antonie van Leeuwenhoek
    • improved the microscope
    • studied bacteria (first microbiologist)
  13. William Harvey
    studied blood circulation
  14. Rene Descartes
    • "Discourse on Meathod"
    • "cogito"-"I think, therefore I am"
  15. Sir Francis Bacon
    "Novum Organum"-"Knowledge is Power"

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People of the Protestant Reformation & Scientific Revolution
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People Protestant Reformation Scientific Revolution

People of the Protestant Reformation & Scientific Revolution
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