Medical Terminology Week 13

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  1. colpo
  2. fistula
    pipe, tube
  3. hymen
  4. labia
  5. vagina
  6. vulva
  7. perineum
    area between vaginal opening and rectum
  8. vagina
    tube/sheath leading away from the cervix
  9. vulva, pudendum
    the external female genitals
  10. clitoris
    erectile tissue
  11. hymen
    membrane covers the vagina, found only in virgins
  12. labia majora
  13. labia minora
  14. Bartholin's glands, vistibular glands
    produces librication
  15. condylomas
    warts that are STD
  16. fistulas
    • pathalogical passageway
    • - between rectum and vagina
    • - between bladder and vagina
  17. herpes simplex of the vulva
    virus, STD causing blisters on the vulva
  18. leukoplakia of vulva
    white plaque found in elderly women, itches tremendously, on the vulva/labia
  19. vaginitis
    - gonorrhea
    - mycotic
    - senile
    - Trichomonas
    • inflammation caused by
    • - bacteria
    • - fungus
    • - old age
    • - parasite STD
  20. vulva Paget's disease
    leukoplakia that has become malignant, "carcinoma in situ" (only on the surface)
  21. colpectomy
    revomal of vagina
  22. colpocleisis
    closure of vagina
  23. colporrhaphy
    suturing a tear the vagina
  24. colposcopy
    examine vagina with a scope
  25. episioplasty
    repair the peroneum
  26. vulvectomy
    removal of vulva
  27. vulvovaginoplasty
    replair of vulva and vagina
  28. leukorrhea
    white discharge
  29. pruritis vulvae
    itching of vulva
  30. Origin of Terms:
  31. Origin of Terms:
  32. Origin of Terms:
  33. Origin of Terms:
  34. Origin of Terms:
  35. Origin of Terms:
    small opening
  36. Origin of Terms:
  37. cul-de-sac, rectouterine pouch, Douglas' pouch
    the space between the rectum and uterus
  38. ligaments in the uterus (2)
    • broad ligaments - supports the uterus
    • round ligaments - supports the outer part (near the vulva area)
  39. body of uterus
    the main part of the uterus (corpus)
  40. cervix of uterus
    the neck
  41. fundus of uterus
    the top of the uterus
  42. uterine wall:
    the linine within the uterus
  43. uterine wall:
    the muscle of the uterus
  44. uterine wall:
    the lining around the outside of the uterus
  45. carcinoma of the cervix
    malignant cancer of the cervix
  46. cervictitis
    inflammation of the cervix
  47. adenomyosis
    lining of the uterus has invaded the muscles
  48. dysfunctional uterine bleeding
    bleeding that has nothing to do with menstruation (caused by hormones)
  49. endometriosis
    condition where the endometrium is found in other places in the body
  50. endometritis
    inflammation of endometrium
  51. perimetritis
    inflammation around the uterus
  52. anteflexion
    displacement of the uterus, bending forward
  53. prolapse, procidentia, descensus uteri
    displacement of the uterus, fall downward
  54. retroflexion
    displacement of the uterus, bending backward
  55. retroversion
    displacement of the uterus, so far backwards that it is almost going in the opposite direction
  56. leiomyomas, myomas (benign)
    neoplasm of the uterus, fibroid tumor
  57. adenocarcinoma of the corpus uteri (malignant)
    cancer in lining of the uterus
  58. cold conization, cold knife biopsy of uterine cervix
    to cut out a wedge shaped piece to remove cancer, but preserve child bearing capability
  59. culdocentesis
    puncturing the cul-de-sac to examine
  60. dilatation and curettage (D & C)
    to make wide and rake out tissue
  61. hysterectomy
    remove the uterus
  62. hysteroscopy, fiberoptic
    looking @ uterus with scope
  63. laparoscopy
    to go through the abdomen, small incisions
  64. myomectomy
    remove fibroid tumor
  65. suspension of uterus
    to re-attach uterus in place
  66. trachelectomy, cervicectomy
    remove of cervix
  67. amenorrhea
    not menstruating
  68. cryptomenorrhea
    "hidden", having menstual period but staying in the body
  69. dysmenorrhea
    painful mentrual perio
  70. hypermenorrhea, menorrhagia
    excessive menstruation, from uterus
  71. metrorrhagia
    bleeding due to hormones
  72. oligomenorrhea
    infrequent menstruation
  73. premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
  74. albus
  75. ampulla
    little jug
  76. fimbria
  77. folliculus
    little bag
  78. infundibulum
  79. luteum
  80. oophor, oophoro
  81. ovum, ova, ovi
  82. salpingo
    tube, trumpet
  83. ovarian follicle
    also called graafian follicles (holds the eggs)
  84. corpus luteum
    when the graafian follicles rupture/produce progesterone
  85. corpus albicans
    when the egg remains unfertilized
  86. uterine tubes, fallopian tubes, oviducts
    passage way for the eggs to the uterus
  87. cyst of ovary
    sac of fluid in the ovary
  88. cystadenoma of ovary
    cystic tumor that can get as big as a basketball
  89. hydrosalpinx
    fellopian tube filled with fluid
  90. pelvic inflammatory disease (PID)
    any infection in the pelvic region
  91. polycystic ovarian syndrome
    many cysts in the ovaries, can cause amenorrhea, infertility, obesity and extra hair growth
  92. pyosalpinx
    pus in the fellopian tubes
  93. salpingitis
    inflammation of the fellopian tubes
  94. oophorectomy, ovariectomy
    remove an ovary
  95. oophoropexy
    to suspend/fixate the ovaries
  96. oophoroplasty
    surgical repair of ovary
  97. salpingectomy
    removal of fellopian tube
  98. salpingolysis
    destroy scar tissue from around the fellopian tube
  99. salpingo-oophorectomy
    remobe both the fellopian tube and ovary
  100. tubal ligation
    cut and tie ends of fellopian tube for sterilization
  101. tuboplasty, salpingoplasty
    repair of fellopian tube
  102. anovulation
    not ovulating
  103. menopause
    the stopping of reproductive period
  104. ovulation
    the release of egg
  105. septic shock
    bacterial infection & pooling of blood
  106. cytopathologic studies
    taking cells for examination
  107. Papnicolaou's method (Pap smear)
    to remove tissue from the cervical area for examination
  108. biopsy
    remove tissue to test for presence of cancer
  109. hysterosalpingography
    x-ray of uterus and fellopian tube
  110. culture for Neisseia gonorrhoeae (gonorrhea)
    to grow the gonorrhea bacteria in a petri dish
  111. areola
    small area or space, pigmented area around the nipples
  112. alveolar gland
  113. mammary gland
    produces milk
  114. nipple, papilla mammae
  115. amastia
    no breast (either born that way or removed)
  116. athelia
    no nipple
  117. chronic cystic mastitis
    frequent formation of cysts in breasts
  118. hyperplasia of breast, hypermastia
    breasts too large
  119. hypoplasia of breast, hypomastia
    breast too small
  120. thelitis
    inflammation of nipple
  121. biopsy of breast
    taking tissue from breast for examination
  122. frozen section
    a quick procedure where tissue is frozen
  123. mammaplasty, mammoplasty, mastoplastỳ
    repair of breast
  124. mastectomy, mammectomy
    removal of breast
  125. mastopexy
    suspension of breast (breast lift)
  126. mastalgia, mastodynia
    pain in breast
  127. peau d' orange
    a sign of advanced cancer (orange appearance)
  128. hysterosalpingogram (HSG)
    x-ray of uterus and fellopian tubes
  129. mammogram, mammography
    x-ray of soft tissue of breasts
  130. thermography, thermogram
    heat mapping (cancer is hotter)
  131. AIDS
    acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
  132. IUD
    intrauterine device
  133. D&C
    dilatation and curettage
  134. GC
  135. CIS
    carcinoma in situ
  136. HIV
    human immunodeficiency virus
  137. HSG
  138. LMP
    last menstrual period
  139. PID
    pelvic inflammatory disease
  140. STD
    sexually transmitted disease
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