Growth and Development Ch 3 Terms

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  1. Family
    A basic human social system that involves commitment and interaction between its members.
  2. Healthy Family
    One that can successfully adapt to crises, challenges, and changes during the life cycle.
  3. Blended Family
    Family consisting of: mother, or father, a stepparent, and children. Both parents may bring children from previous marriage to form a new blended family.
  4. Cultural Assimilation
    A process by which  members of a specific cultural group loses the characteristics of that group and adapt practices of another group.
  5. Cultural Competence
    Cultural awareness, acceptance, and respect toward behaviors, and practices that are different from ones's own.
  6. Culture
    A set of learned values, beliefs, customs, and behaviors that is shared by interacting individuals, such as family.
  7. Cultural Relativism
    The concept that normalcy comes from the standard social practices of a specific culture.
  8. Cultural Shock
    The effect of a sudden, drastic change in the cultural environment of an individual or family.
  9. Developmental Stage
    A period in life characterized by the mastery of specific skills or behaviors.
  10. Developmental Task
    Is a competency or skill that helps a person cope with the environment or advance personal development.
  11. Dysfunctional Family
    A family unit  that does not offer consistency of members or rules, may exhibit poor interpersonal relationships amoung its members, deals poorly with conflicts and problems, and often can not  reach out to the community  for help.
  12. Ethnocentrism
     Is the belief that ones own culture is the standard of behavior and is better than other cultures.
  13. Family Systems Theory
    Based on the understanding that family functionsare interconnected.
  14. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
    Development of characteristics symptoms following an extreme traumatic stressor.
  15. Sibling Rivalry
    Competition or stuggle between two or more children in a family.
  16. Theory
    A group of concepts that forms the basis for understanding observations-An accepted theory is logical, consistent, and intergrates past and current research.
  17. Nuclear Family
    Traditional, two parent family.
  18. Dual Career Families
    Both parents work outside the home, and design a lifestyle that helps supports the need and rationale for that type of famiy structure.
  19. Family Dynamics
    Natural tendency in families to seek a stable state.
  20. Family APGAR
    A tool to asses family function. A way to of looking at the family's ability to adapt, grow, develop, and resolve issues.
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