EC Final Review 3

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  1. Extenders
    Additional activities used to fill the allotted
  2. Curriculum area
    The subject matter
  3. Pre Kindergarten
    The full range of early childhood programs including school based programs for 3 and 4 year old, pre school child care head start and home based child care
  4. Nanny
    A child care worker who usually provides care in the child's home and may receive food and housing in addition to wages
  5. Au pair
    A person from a foreign country who lives with a family and performs task similar to those of a nanny
  6. Licensing specialist
    A person employed by a state to ensure that the stole's child care rules and regulations are followed
  7. Entrepreneur
    A person who starts his or her own business
  8. CDA
    A national credential that requires post secondary courses in child care education and a minimum number of hours of child care experience
  9. DAP
    A set of guidelines that focus on the outcomes of learning activities
  10. Ethics
    A guiding set of moral principles, either those held personally or those determined by a professional organization for its members
  11. Family child care home
    Child care that is provided in a private home
  12. Child care centers
    Full day child care facilities that focus on basic nutritional, social, emotional, intellectual, and physical needs
  13. Custodial care
    Type of child care that focuses primarily on meeting the child's physical needs
  14. Head start
    A program developed by the federal government to strengthen the academic skills of children from low income homes, and designed mainly for 4 and 5 year olds
  15. Accredited
    Have a certification that states a set of standards has been met
  16. Assessment
    A process that involves observing, recording, and documenting children's individual capabilities over time
  17. Anecdotal record
    Notes kept by the teacher concerning children's play
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