Psychology Ch 12

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  1. Social Psychology
    The scientific study of how a person’s thoughts, feelings and behavior are influenced by the real, imagined, or implied presence of others
  2. Social Influence
    The process through which the real or implied presence of others can directly or indirectly influence the thoughts, feelings and behavior of an individual
  3. Conformity
    Changing one’s own behavior to match that of other people. Conformity can be dangerous but is not always bad
  4. Groupthink
    • A kind of thinking that occurs when people place more importance on maintaining group cohesiveness than on assessing the facts -Invulnerability
    • -Rationalization
    • -Pressure
    • -Stereotyping
  5. Consumer Psychology
    Devoted to figuring out how to get people to buy things
  6. Foot-in-the-Door Technique
    Small request followed by a larger request
  7. Door-in-the-Face Technique
    • Large request followed by a smaller request
    • -Norm of Reciprocity: Free address labels in requests for charitable donations, creates an obligation
  8. Lowball Technique
    Raising the cost of a commitment after the commitment has been made
  9. That’s-Not-All Technique
    • But wait! There’s more!
    • -Billy Mays was the classic TV salesperson, often seen utilizing the That’s-Not-All Technique
  10. Obedience
    Changing one’s behavior at the command of an authority figure
  11. Attribution
    The process of explaining one’s own behavior and the behavior of others
  12. Attribution Theory
    • The theory of how people make attributions
    • -Situational causes (external)
    • -Dispositional causes (internal)
  13. The Fundamental Attribution Error (FAE)
    • The tendency to overestimate the influence of internal factors while underestimating external factors
    • -Actor-Observer Bias: the tendency to explain our own behavior with situational (external) attributions
  14. Prejudice
    A negative attitude held by a person about the members of a particular social group
  15. Discrimination
    Treating people differently because of prejudice
  16. The Realistic-Conflict Theory
    Prejudice and discrimination arise between groups who are fighting over a common resource
  17. Interpersonal Attraction
    • Liking or having the desire for a relationship with another person
    • -Physical attractiveness
    • -Proximity is physical or geographical nearness
    • -Similarity
    • -Opposites attract: Complementary qualities
    • -Reciprocity of Liking: We like people who like us
  18. Sternberg’s Love Triangle
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