EC Final Review 6

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  1. Molestation
    Sexual contact made by someone outside of the family with a child
  2. Nutrition
    The science of food and now the body uses foods taken in
  3. Nutrients
    ChemicalĀ substancesĀ found in foods that are needed for growth and maintenance of health
  4. Malnutrition
    A lack of proper nutrients in the diet that happens when a nutrient is absent or lacking from the diet
  5. Under nutrition
    Not eating enough food to keep healthful body weight and activity level
  6. Diabetes
    A disease in which the body can't properly control the level of sugar in the blood
  7. Insulin
    A hormone that is needed to keep sugar in the blood at a proper level
  8. Allergy
    The body's negative reaction to a substance possibly including rashes, swelling or sneezing
  9. Anaphylactic shock
    Extreme allergic reaction that causes shock symptoms and possibly death
  10. ParentĀ involvement
    Patterns of program participation by parents in early childhood settings that are related to their parenting roles
  11. Newsletters
    Written communications most often including information concerning a variety of subjects
  12. Letters
    Written communication most often addressing only one subject and sent out on an "as needed" basis
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