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  1. Primary sex organs of the gonads are_____ and _____
    Testes and ovary
  2. Heavily pigmented skin in the body is
  3. Scrotum temp is ____ than the body temp
    3 C
  4. ______ wrinkles scrotal skin and ______ muscle expands scrotal skin
    Dartos and Cremasters
  5. ______ divides testes into 250-400 lobules called seminiferous tubules
    Tunica albuginea
  6. Sperm factories are the _____
    Seminiferous tubules
  7. Androgens are produced by
    Leydig or interstitial cells
  8. The net work of veinules which surround the testicular artery is
    Pampiniform Plexus
  9. Blood cooling in the testicular artery is due to the presence of
    pampiniform plexus
  10. Nerve fibers, blood vessels, and lymphatics are enclosed in
    Spermatic cord
  11. Nondescent of testes into scrotal sacs is called
  12. Surgical removal of cancerous testes is
  13. Some epididymal cfells have long microvilla called
  14. ______ nourish the sperm and absorb excess fluid
  15. Vas deferens combines with seminal vesicle duct to form
    Ejaculatory duct
  16. Ligation of Vas Deferens is one of the methods employed for
    Birth Control
  17. Seminal vesicle secretion contains
    Fructose, ascorbic acid, and prostaglandins
  18. Enzymes of prostate gland secretion are
    Fibrinolysin and acid phosphatease
  19. Function of the prostate gland secretion is
    to active sperm
  20. Inflammation of the prostate gland is called
  21. The cancer of prostate is diagnosed by the elevated levels of
    Acid phosphate
  22. Acidic urine traces in the urethra are neutralized by secretion of
    Bulbourethral gland
  23. The skin covering the penis involved in Circumcision is called
  24. Enlargement and rigidness of the penis is due to
    Blood filled spaces in erectile tissue
  25. Fuel for the sperms is ______ of the seminal vesicle secretion
  26. Viscosity of the Uterine mucous is decreased by
  27. Reverse peristalsis in the uterus is caused by
  28. Sperm motility is enhanced by a hormone called
  29. Semen pH is around______ where as vaginal pH is around_____
  30. Bacteriostatic substance in the semen i
    Seminal plasmin
  31. Elevated temp in the scrotum leads to_____
  32. The process of haploid cell division only occurs in
  33. Synapsis and tetrad formation occurs in _____ of meiosis I
  34. Reductional division is ______ and equational division is_____
    Meiosis I and meiosis II
  35. The purpose of cross over is to introduce
    Genetic variability
  36. Walls of the tubules have differentiating epithial cells called
    Spermatogenic cells
  37. _____ of spermatogonia remains at basement membrane.
    Type A daughter cell
  38. Type B daughter cell of spermatogonia becomes
    Primary Spermatocyte
  39. Each spermatocide divides into _____ haploid cells
  40. The genetic region of the sperm is ____, metabolic-the ______ and the locomotor______
    The head, the midpiece, the tail
  41. Acrosome, the tip of the sperm is made of
  42. The hydrolytic enzyme in acrosome is
  43. Midpiece of sperm is made of _____ which extends into the tail
  44. Spermatogonia are attached to each other by
    cytoplasmic bridges
  45. Spermatogonia are surrounded by
    Sertoli or sustentacular cells
  46. Sertoli cells are connected to each other by
  47. Tight junctions of the sertoli cells act as
    blood testis barriers
  48. Maturation of the sperm actually occurs in
  49. Interaction between pituitary, hypothalamus and testes is
    brain testicular axis
  50. Sertoli cells secrete _____ which acts as transport medium for sperm
  51. Gonadotropin releasing hormone is secreted by
  52. FSH and LH release is under the control of
  53. FSH stimulates sertoli cells to release
    androgen binding protein
  54. Testosterone is secreted by the
    Binding of LH to interstitial cells
  55. _____ of sertoli cells acts as a feedback inhibitor or spermiogenesis
  56. Testosterone is synthesized from
  57. In prostate gland testosterone is metabolized to
  58. Testosterone is converted to estorgens in
    neurons of the brain
  59. Low levels of ______ causes imptency
  60. Somatic effects of testosterone are
    bone growth and skeletal muscle growth
  61. Increased libido is due to increased levels of
  62. The 3 estrogens are
    estradiol, estrone, estriol
  63. The most abundant estrogen is
  64. Other than estrogens ovaries also produce ____ hormone
  65. Ovary is help in place by _____ ligaments
    ovarian suspensory and mesovarium
  66. Tunica albuginea of ovary is covered by
    germinal epithelum
  67. Germinal epithelium is made up of _____ cells
    Cuboidal epithelial
  68. Sac like structures in the ovarian cortex are called
    ovarian follicles
  69. Each follicle encloses an
    immature egg or oocyte
  70. Oocyte, if surrounded by 1 layer of cells, the cells are
    follicle cells
  71. Oocyte, if surrounded by more then 1 layer of cells, the cells are
    Granulosa cells
  72. Oocyte sits on a stalk of granulosa cells called
    Graafian follicle
  73. The ejection of oocyte from ovary is called
  74. Ruptured follicle after ovulation changes to
    corpus luteum
  75. In older woman ovarian surface is scarred and pitted because of
    release of many oocytes
  76. Fallopian tubules open into uterus at
  77. The distal fallopian tubes expand and curve around ovary to form
  78. Usually fertilization occurs in
  79. Ampulla ends in _____ and has finger like ____ which drape the ovary
    Infundibulum, fimbriae
  80. Uterine tubes are supported by _____ mesentery
  81. Cervical canal continues with vagina by
    external and internal OS
  82. The uterine wall layer which contracts during child birth is
  83. The bed for the fertilized egg is the
  84. The endometrial layer which is shed every 28 days is
    Stratum Functionalis
  85. The diagnostic technique to check the cervical infections is ____ test
    Pap smear
  86. The mucosa of the vaginal wall store _____ which is converted to lactic acid
  87. Lubrication of the vagina is by secretions of
    cervical mucus and vestibular glands
  88. Near the vaginal orifice the mucosa is elaborated to form
  89. Membrane which is often ruptured during pelvic examination or 1st coitis is
  90. The upper end of vaginal canal surrounds uterine cervix by a fold called
    vaginal fornix
  91. Flanking the vulva is a pea size mucus secreting gland called
    Bartholins gland
  92. Mammary glands are modified
    Sweat Glands
  93. At the center of each breast is a ring of pigmented skin called
  94. Areola has large _____ which produce sebum
    sebaceous glands
  95. _____ attaches breast to underlying facia and overlaying dermis
    suspensory ligament
  96. Alveolar glands pass milk into _____ which opens outside the nipple
    Lactiferous ducts
  97. The storage area of milk within in the breast deep to aerola is
    lactiferous ampulla
  98. The size of the breast is due to amount of______ deposition
  99. Oogenesis in female actually stats from ______ life.
  100. Fetal oocyte replicate DNA and begin meiotic division stage but stalled in_____
    Prophase I
  101. Primary oocyte continues meiosis I at puberty and produces
    2 haploid cells
  102. Small cell derived from primary oocyte is called
    1st polar body
  103. Large cell derived from primary oocyte is
    Secondary oocyte and filled with cytoplasm
  104. Formation of 2 dissimilar cells from primary oocyte is due to
    Spindle formation at edge
  105. In humans secondary oocyte gets arrested in _____ before ovulation
    Metaphase II
  106. Secondary oocyte divided meiotically when
    Penetration of sperm occurs
  107. End products of oogenesis are
    3 polar bodies and 1 ovum
  108. Unequal division of oocyte is to give
    nutrients to the ovum
  109. The phase of ovarian cycle which is constant is
    Luteal phase
  110. Cortical connective tissue condense around secondary follicle forming
    Theca folliculi
  111. When follicle is growing inner thecal cells produce
  112. Androgens are converted to estrogens by
    grandulosa cells
  113. Thick membrane formed by granulosa cells secretion is
    Zona pellucida
  114. Zona pellucida surrounding oocyte is made up of
  115. Oocyte with granulosa cell capsule at vestibular follicle stage is
    Corona radiate
  116. Secondary oocyte ruptures out from ovary into
    peritoneal cavity
  117. Intense stretching of ovary wall during ovulation is
  118. The degenerating follicles after the ovum is released are
    Atresial follicles
  119. Space of the collapsed follicle filled with clotting blood is the
    corpus hemorrhagiicum
  120. Corpus luteum disintegrates when
    fertilization does not happen
  121. Corpus luteum persists till ______ takes over its function
  122. The first menstrual period is called
  123. Negative feed back of FSH/LH inhabitation is by increased of
  124. Female with an X chromosome has
    turners syndrome
  125. Meta Females have _____ chromosomes
    multiple X
  126. 1Y and 2 or more X chromosomes causes
    Kline felters
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