anatomy lecture 4 part 2

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  1. covers the surface of the kidney
    renal capsule
  2. layer of fat tissue used to cushion the kidney
    adipose capsule
  3. anchors the kidney to the posterior abdominal wall
    renal fascia
  4. location where the ureter and blood vessels connect on the medial surface of the kidney
    renal hilus
  5. the outer layer of the kidney
  6. deeper and found toward the center of the kidney
  7. the place where urine formation occurs
    renal pyramids
  8. the tubes at the top of the papilla or the point of the pyramids where urine is released and drains to the renal pelvis
    minor calyx
  9. tubes that drain urine from the minor calyx to the renal pelvis
    major calyx
  10. a collecting area within the kidney at the upper end of the ureter
    renal pelvis
  11. the microscopic structure in the kidney responsible for filtering the blood and creating urine
  12. the part of the nephron where pressure is used to force out material from the blood. a ba of capillaries that fit inside bowmans capsule
  13. sac like structure that collect the filtrate
    bowmans capsule
  14. large artery that runs off the aorta and carries blood to the kidneys
    renal artery
  15. carries blood from the renal artery to the interlobar arteries
    segmental arteries
  16. arteries that carry blood through the renal columns to the center of the kidney
    interlobar arteries
  17. located at the base of the kidneys and run parallel to the surface of the kidney
    arcuate arteries
  18. travel through the cortex toward the surface of the kidney
    interlobular arteries
  19. supplies the renal capsule with blood
    afferent arterioles
  20. artery taking blood away from the glomerulus
    efferent arterioles
  21. a network of capillaries that surrounds much of the renal tubule to reabsorb material such as water
    peritubular capillaries
  22. the capacity of the bladder is about ____ ml
    600-800 ml
  23. or urination is the expelling of urine from the bladder
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