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  1. Strabimus
    Cross eye
  2. Enucleation
    removal of the eye
    Pupils equal round and reactive to light and accomadation
  4. Lacrimal apparatus
    Secrete distribute and drains tears to cleanse and moisten the eye
  5. acqueus humor
    clear fluid that sits in anterior cavity of eye. assists in maintaining intra occular pressure
  6. refraction involves
    enters and leaves cornea, enters acqueous humor, enters and leaves lense, enter vitreous humor
  7. near sighted
    • myopia
    • occurs if the eyeball is too long or the cornea has too much curvature
  8. far sighted
    hyperopia, eyeball is too shorts or cornea has too little curvature
  9. norm intraoccular pressure
  10. hypotomy
    low intraoccular pressure  less than 5
  11. ocular hypertension
    high intraoccular pressure >21
  12. gonioscopy
    measures the anterior chamber of eye pressure
  13. shimers test
    tear production test
  14. corneal staining
    looks for corneal tears
  15. achromatopisia
    color blindness
  16. amsler grid
    test for depth perception using grid. looks for disturbances of macula and retina
  17. floursecien angiography
    checks for blockages using dye. issues from cancer, diabetic retinopothy etc
  18. glaucoma
    causes blindness, increased intraoccular pressure
  19. gyrate atrophy
    rare heridity disorder
  20. best disease
    gradual vision loss, macular dystrophy, yellow or orange lesions in the macula
  21. arcus
    fat deposits around cornea
  22. Dacryostenosis
    blocked tear duct
  23. opthamlia neonatorum
    • conjunctivita, or inflammation of eye in newborn
    • can be caused by
    • STD
    • blocked tear ducts
    • bacteria from moms skin (staph)pseudomonas (bacteria from moms GI tract)
  24. retinoblastoma
    cancerous tumor that originates in retina of newborn, rare conginital disorder
  25. amblyopia
    • lazy eye (most common vision problem)
    • treat with
    • eye patch (works best)
    • special glasses
    • surgery
  26. pupils should react to light in what way
    dialate in dim light and for far vision, constrict in bright light light and for near vision
  27. astigmatism
    • causes blurred vision
    • due to irregular shape of the cornea or an irregular curvature of the lens inside the eye
    • prevents light from focusing properly on the retina so vision is blurred at any distance
    • hereditary
    • from birth
  28. Trachoma
    • chronic conjunctivitis caused by chlamydia
    • significant cause of blindness
    • contagious
  29. 3 layers of cornea
    • epithelium stroma (90%)
    • endothelium
    • then outside layer
  30. keratitis
    • inflammation to the cornea, scarring of the keratitis can lead to blindness
    • causes
    • tearing
    • pain
    • gritty sensation
    • decreased acuity
    • spasms
    • discharge
  31. corneal ulcer
    disrupts the clarity of the cornea which is vital to focusing of light on the retina

    local necrosis of the cornea may be caused by trauma, infection or the misuse of contact lenses 
  32. Corneal dystrophies
    accumulation of cloudy material in part or parts of the normally clear cornea
  33. keratoconus (most common)
    • progressive thinning of the cornea typically affecting teens and young adults
    • treatment corneal transplant
    • pr laser surgery
  34. what can misuse of anesthetizing drops cause
    corneal sloughing
  35. hordeolum
    sty (painful abscess)
  36. Chalazion
    • granulomatous cyst or nodule of the lid
    • usually no pain
    • conjunctiva
  37. treatment for eyelid disorders
    • antibiotic ointments or drops
    • warm moist compress
    • I&D (incision and drainage)
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