Product Design - Ferrous/Nonferrous Metals

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Product Design - Ferrous/Nonferrous Metals
2013-05-12 15:11:07
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AQA Product design ferrous, and non-ferrous metals revision flash cards.
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  1. Define what is meant by Ferrous Metals.
    A group of metals that contain iron and various amounts of carbon, these metals rust.
  2. Define what it is meant by Non-ferrous metals.
    A group of metals that do not contain iron, and as a result do not rust.
  3. Name 4 Ferrous metals, and 4 Non ferrous metals.
    Ferrous metals include; Mild steel, Cast Iron, High Carbon Steel, Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel.

    Non-ferrous metals include; Aluminium, Copper, Gold, Silver, Zinc.
  4. Name the properties, and uses of Aluminium. (Coffee Pot).
    • Strong for it's weight, it can withstand force and is not easily bent.
    • Good conductor of head/electricity.
    • Easily Joined.
    • Ductile, Malleable and Tough.
    • Light weight, can be easily moved around.

    • Coffee Pot;
    • Aluminum is good conductor of heat, which makes it suitable for heating the coffee on a stove.
    • Aluminium does not corrode, which would change the taste of the coffee.
    • Aluminium has a low melting point, which make it idea for die casting because the dies will last longer than if a metal with a high melting point was used.

    Uses include; Kitchenware (saucepans), overhead power cables.
  5. Name the properties and uses of Stainless Steel.
    • It is a strong material.
    • It is light weight.
    • Hard and not easily scratched.

    • Is a tough metal, so will withstands impact from being dropped.
    • Stainless steel does not rust, which not only is aesthetically pleasing, as users do not want to drink from rusty cup, it does not taint the taste of the drink.