Product Design - Manufacturing Process'

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  1. Use notes and diagrams to describe a die casting process. 
    In pressure, molten metal is poured into the cylinder from a ladle or crucible.

    A hydraulic ram forces the molten metal down the cylinder and into the closed dies, which are water cooled.

    • Once the product is cooled the dies are opened and the product is removed.
    • Flash is removed with filing and polishing.

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  3. Using notes describe the process of injection molding.
    • A mold is prepared and placed on the planten  a plastic sheet is clamped into place.
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    • The plastic is heated until is is soft and starts to sag.
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    • Air is blow in to stretch the softened plastic. The platen is raised.
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    • The mold is raised onto the sheet, and the vacuum is turned on.
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    • Once the plastic has cooled, the platen is lowered and the molding removed, Any Excess plastic is trimmed off.
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  4. Use notes and diagrams to explain the blow moulding process.
    The granules are heated into a molten state. where the polymer is then extracted from the parison.

    The two halves of the mould then close onto the parison, clamping the base together.

    Air is blown into the parison it is forced out of the sides of the mould where it cools.

    When the product is cooled, the mould is opened and the flash is removed.

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  5. Use notes and diagrams to explain the process of rationally moulding.
    • Polymer powder and pigment is inserted into the open mould.
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    • The mould is closed and rotates, the mould moves into the heating chamber whilst still rotating.

    • The polymer power melts and builds up around the inside surface of the mould.
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    • The mould moves into the cooling chamber where the polymer cools and product hardens. The mould is then opened and the product is removed.
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  6. Using notes and diagrams to explain the process of injection moulding.
    Polymer granules are inserted into the hopper.

    The Archimean screw moves the polymer along the chamber where it is heated.

    The polymer melts and when enough is collected at the bottom of the chamber the hydraulic ram pushes the screw forward injecting the polymer into the mould.

    The polymer cools and sets, and the product is then removed from the mould. The excess polymer is then removed.

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  7. Explain why blow moulding is a suitable process for making certain products?
    • It produces  a wall-thin product.
    • Blow moulding is  a fast process, which makes it suitable for product products in large quantities.
    • It produces a standardised product which is necessary to meet quality standards.
  8. Explain why injection moulding is suitable process for making certain products?
    • Injection moulding can create small complex shapes that other manufacturing process fail to create.
    • It can create a products quickly, great for products that are needed to be manufactured in large quantities.
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