Stem Changing Verbs

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  1. Poder (o-ue)
    Can/to be able to
  2. Puedo
    I can
  3. Puede
    You/he/she can
  4. Puedes
    You can
  5. Podemos
    We can
  6. Pueden
    they all can
  7. Dormir
    to sleep
  8. Duermo
    I sleep
  9. Duermes
    You sleep
  10. Duerme
    He/she/you sleep
  11. Dormimos
    We sleep
  12. Duermen
    They all sleep
  13. Pensar
    To think, to plan
  14. Pienso
    I think
  15. Pienas
    You think
  16. Piensa
    He/she thinks, you think
  17. Penasamos
    We think
  18. Piensan
    They think, you all think
  19. Querer
    to want to wish to love
  20. Quiero
    I want
  21. Quieres
    You want
  22. Quiere
    he/she wants, you want
  23. Queremos
    we want
  24. Quieren
    They want, you all want
  25. Preferir
    to prefer
  26. Prefiero
    I prefer
  27. Prefieres
    you prefer
  28. Prefiere
    he/she prefers, you prefer
  29. Preferimos
    we prefer
  30. Prefieren
    They prefer, you all prefer

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Stem Changing Verbs
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