rtvf final communication systems, studio setup, camera

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  1. RTS basics
    studio a uses system 1 channel 1, positions are blue. studio b uses system 2 channel 1, positions are yellow. rts positions used by either are white.
  2. user station 1
    speaker, producer
  3. user station 2
    speaker, director. 4-pin xlr cable, headset.
  4. user station 3
    no speaker, AD, TD, VT, CG. 4 pin XLR cable, headset.
  5. only people with headset on
    director, AD, TD
  6. user station 4
    speaker, auxiliary console position (video control b), audio, and video engineer.
  7. belt pack
    key, stage managers and other studio personnel, 3 pin XLR mic cable connecting to 4 total jacks, 4 pin XLR cable from mic to belt pack.
  8. Ikegami HK-388W Cameras
    use left PROD mics not ENG
  9. Studio Address System
    on ifb control station there is SA 1 for studio A and SA 2 for Studio B
  10. IFB talent communication system
    one-way, 8 channel. 2 director control room stations, 4 portable user stations, talent ear speakers. 1-4 are for A and 5-8 are for B. IFB All is for all of them. portable user station is a belt pack for anchors=non-interrupt program audio and interrupt from producer/director
  11. camera cables
    uncoil triax camera cable from the green cable hangers
  12. uncap camera
    electronically uncapped by video engineer, TD, production manager, or TA
  13. CURSOR box
    camera pre pro. adjust the monitor controls on the viewfinder, activate the cursor box if presetting the location of an ots graphic
  14. QTV
  15. leave camera peds
    all the way up to take the pressure out, pneumatic, air gauge in bottom
  16. zebra
    white saturation, faces should be at 75 IRE
  17. focal length
    canon 20 (zoom ratio) x 8 (shortest focal length).
  18. iris
    yellow, high f-stop, small opening, low depth of field
  19. limbo sets
    lights in middle cameras all the way around
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