Home Economics - Community Services and the Environment

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  1. List some causes of air pollution
    1. Factories and vehicles burning fuels

    2. Burning of rubbish
  2. What are the main effects of air pollution?
    1. Lung problems

    2. Decrease in ozone layer

    3. Increase in acid rain and climate change
  3. List four causes of increased greenhouse gas production in modern society
    1. Cutting down trees

    2. Increased carbon dioxide emissions

    3. Burning waste

    4. Burning fossil fuels
  4. List some causes of water pollution
    1. Human sewage

    2. Chemical waste from factories

    3. Agricultural run off
  5. Name the 3Rs of waste management
    1. Reduce

    2. Reuse

    3. Recycle
  6. Outline five ways you can help protect the environment
    1. Bring a shopping bag when shopping

    2. Reduce, reuse and recycle

    3. Shower instead of having a bath

    4. Walk instead of using car

    5. Turn off lights when not in use
  7. List some ways the government has tried to reduce environmental pollution
    1. Plastic bag levey

    2. Car tax based on carbon emission

    3. Recycling centres
  8. What are statutory services?
    These are government run services eg. schools and hospitals
  9. What are the voluntary services?
    These are not run by the government eg. youth clubs and neigthbourhood watch
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