Home Economics - Textiles in the Home

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  1. Name the points that should be considered when choosing fabrics for household items
    1. Cost

    2. Colour

    3. Pattern

    4. Style

    5. Properties
  2. List four functions of soft furnishings in the home
    1. Give us privacy

    2. Insulate the room

    3. Makes the room more comfortable

    4. Finishes off a room
  3. List four propoerties that are desirable in curtain fabric
    1. Hang well

    2. Be washable

    3. Be fire resistant

    4. Be fade resistant
  4. What factors should be considered when buying a carpet?
    1. Resislent (bounce back after being walked upon)

    2. Warm

    3. Hardwearing

    4. Stain resistant
  5. What is upholstrey?
    This is the covering and filling on sofas, armchairs and mattresses

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