Home Economics - Clothing, Fashion and Design

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  1. List five functions of clothing
    1. Protection from the weather

    2. Safety

    3. Modesty

    4. Self expression

    5. Identification
  2. What are fashion trends?
    These are changes in fashion eg. skinny jeans
  3. List four factors that influence fashion trends
    1. The fashion industry

    2. Famous people and the media

    3. Historical events and the economy

    4. Technology
  4. List six factors that may influence people's choice of clothing style
    1. Age

    2. Cost

    3. Fashion trends

    4. Peer pressure

    5. Culture

    6. Lifestyle and occupation
  5. List four factors a person should consider when buying an item of clothing for themselves
    1. Cost

    2. Need

    3. Fit

    4. Quality
  6. What are accessories?
    These are worn with an outfit to complete it eg. jewellery, belts and shoes
  7. What is meant by the term proportion?
    This relates to the size of different pieces in an outfit
  8. What is meant by the term emphasis?
    This is when the eye is drawn towards something
  9. What is meant by the term balance?
    This is when there is an equal spread of colour, pattern and texture
  10. What is meant by the term rhythm?
    This is where a colour, shape or pattern links or ties an outfit together
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