rtvf 44 final switcher and lighting

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  1. confidence monitors
    VT 13 into B IN A, VT 17 into B IN B
  2. touch screen monitor. BUS MAP AND CONFIGURES MONITORS
    HOME, F2-DISK, select hard drive, set name-01 rtvf 44, F1 RECALL, F1 ALL.
  3. normalize board
    all + all on memory panel
  4. build over the shoulder boxes
    punch up background and key it in. press PST PAT (FLY KEY). put SAFE TITLE in PREVIEW. size, border, copy, assign sources
  5. to key
    downstream keyer or key in from transition panel
  6. to set up a wipe during a show
  7. monitor wall
    built in multiviewer, glass cathode ray tube
  8. types of monitors
    switcher source (input into switcher, LEX 1, LEX 2) and switcher status monitor (program, preview, mle1) and prompter (confidence monitor)
  9. harddrive in switcher to hold video clips
  10. automation
    News Room Computer System allows for rundowns and scripts, iNews (owned by Avid), Electronic News Production System (Associated Press). MOS (Media Object Server) translation for different equipment like graphics and clip. on air-tle
  11. fresnal lights
    most. control from spot to flood, c clamp, safety chain, side pan lock, big side tilt lock, tie wires before you plug in
  12. cyc lights have
    3 dimmers to light cyc
  13. ellipsoidal
    leko light. flood, special effects spot light, internal barn doors
  14. scoop
    flood light uses gels
  15. broad light
    flood light, 2 on/off switchers to control which bulb, some fluorescent.
  16. initializing the lighting board
    switch on the surge strip, may have to turn on either the monitor or console. adjust the level of the console's gooseneck lights using the dimmer wheel on the back of the console.
  17. to clear all previous patches, cues and settings and dim
    select Setup mode, option 4 Clear Functions, option 5 Clear Show and Patch, press Enter. go to Patch mode. press Dim then 1 Thru 1024 Enter then S6 (soft key 6). all 48 control channels will then be emptied.
  18. after dimming, patch
    pick a starting light (key) and move in clockwise circle. press Patch. then Dim to select dimmers. enter number of dimmer by typing in number and hitting enter. Select Chan button to type in control channel 1-48 to patch dimmer and press enter.
  19. back light
    as bright as key light or up to 50% more bright than key
  20. key light
    high or low, 50% over fill, about 120 footcandles.
  21. fill light
    more fill is less shadow, 50-75% as bright as key light
  22. setting channel levels using keypad
    Patch mode. Dim. type in number of dimmer whose level you want to change. "At" button. enter double digit value for the % of light you want from dimmer. hit Full for 100%
  23. light post pro
    bring down channel faders, turn off monitor, turn off power strip.
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